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  1. dirtydusty

    Louisiana Cheese Smoke

     Did you make your own Boudin?  I am looking for a good recipe, if you know of one.
  2. dirtydusty

    Upright stainless cooler with glass door

    It was a brinkman conversion kit.  I got it from acadamey sports for $29.00  I think cabelas sells one too.
  3. dirtydusty

    Upright stainless cooler with glass door

    I went ahead and got the cooler, took off the evaporator and compressor up top and installed a 4" chiminey with a damper on it.  tried a 1000 watt hot plate and it took too long to get up to temp.  I just installed a electric conversion element, 1500 watt and it heated it up to 300 in a hurry. ...
  4. dirtydusty

    Real Company?-----Or Scam?

    I talked to LEM and the guy had just sent the order today.  They said that they always have problems getting a hold of him too.  They said just don't do business with him anymore.
  5. dirtydusty

    Real Company?-----Or Scam?

    I wished I had saw this a week ago, I ordered a Lem stuffer from them. After not having received a confirmation I tried to contact them. They wouldn't answer the phone or reply to an email. I finally got a reply, it was very similar to the one posted here, almost word for word. Guess I sill...
  6. dirtydusty

    Upright stainless cooler with glass door

    I figured I would have to change out the door seals with oven seal. unless there is a better alternative.  My smoke house I use now is wooden and has an external fire box.  It takes a ton of wood to keep the temp high enough to smoke sausage.  I like to keep it around 170* until i reach my...
  7. dirtydusty

    Long time smoker just found site

    Just found site while searching for info on building new smoker.  Mainly make and smoke sausage.  Smoked, semi dry, and dry cured.  Always looking for new ideas, been smoking in a smoke house I made out of plywood a few years back.
  8. dirtydusty

    Upright stainless cooler with glass door

    I found an upright cooler that is stainless inside and out, but it has glass doors.  Can this be used for smoking up to 225Degrees or 250?  I am thinking of going with a single element in the bottom, maybee an element for small smokers.  How big would It need to be to get the required temp? ...
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