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  1. gmebey

    #3 half pork loin cook time

    Hi guys and gals, I'm planning to do a 1/2 loin (~3 lbs) this weekend and need an time estimation, plus any advice to make this adventure more successful. This is first time I've done a pork loin. My plan is to brine it 12 hours prior and rest at room temperature ~30 minutes before putting on...
  2. gmebey

    I need a detective to help solve a problem and determine if mother nature is messing with me.

    Ok here is the situation. My wife has asked me to smoke two 12 lbs turkeys today for a friends birthday party tomorrow. No problem, poultry is one of my strong suits.....well until today. I took my typical approach, brine for 12 hours, smoke at 250 until the thigh and breast is 180. Oh BTW...
  3. gmebey

    Crabapple with Blight

    I have a few chunks of crabapple that was stricken with blight. My questions are: 1) Is crabapple safe to smoke with? 2) What about the blight?
  4. gmebey

    So what is left to do after 35 lbs of Buston butts

    I have a question. How does one know when smoking meat goes past a hobby? This smoking habit of mine started out as a hobby to combat the high priced restaurant smoked food (now I know most wasn't even BBQ-ed). All I have been using is ECBs, both charcoal and electric. Up to this point all I...
  5. gmebey

    Can a butt be smoked a couple days in advance

    Help, I need some advice. My wife is planning a graduation party (actually mine) and asked me to smoke a couple large butts. Her thought was to smoke the butts a couple days early. I'm a bit concerned on how the meat will turn out doing this, and how much meat is needed for 50 people. My...
  6. gmebey

    Stepping up from prepackaged cures to Morton Quick Tender and need some advice

    I have been using the Hi Mountain cure/seasoning packets with great successes, but now I want to try some thing new. My first thought is to use Morton Quick Tender and some marinates......BUT I'm a bit nervous and need some advice. Reading the instruction on the Morton QT it appears that the...
  7. gmebey

    Jerky, with water pan or without

    [if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:DoNotOptimizeForBrowser/> </w:WordDocument></xml><![endif] I have a Electric Brinkman H2O smoker and need some advice. From my understanding the water pan does three things, raise the humidity, help...
  8. gmebey

    What is the way to slice

    I'm new at making jerky using solid meat and not ground. For my first batch I ended up with different thickness...UGH. What is the best way to get consistent thickness?
  9. gmebey

    Getting ready to try making jerky in the smoker and need some clearfication

    Reading through the many post on making jerky I have managed to confuse myself. Is marinate the same as cure? I see reference to TQ and other off the shelf mixes like Hi Mountain, and some marinates. In one post had the following listed: 1-1.5 lbs meat 1.5 cups of water 2 tablespoons canning...
  10. gmebey

    Modified ECB is running cold

    I converted my old electric ECB back to charcoal in the hopes of learning to smoke with charcoal. (YES I went to Electric early on) This last weekend was the guys camping trip and I decided to take it along. The first run was with 25 drumsticks, and the smoker struggled to get to 210 F. We...
  11. gmebey

    Brisket and ABTs with QVIEW

    We are having a family gathering for a 13th birthday party. My family has requested a brisket and ABTs. Here is my first attempt at QVIEW in the new format.  More to come.
  12. gmebey

    Bark or no bark

    I have a few logs and wish to chunk them for smoking. Is it normal to remove the bark?
  13. gmebey

    What smoker to get?

    My old brinkman is dying, see the old post at http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/95289/my-electric-ecb-is-getting-weak#post_507465 The plan was to build a smoker and continue to use my ECB to get me by. Unfortunately that option is no longer a choice. So at this time I torn between...
  14. gmebey

    Need some qick advice on Pulled Pork

    Ok I have done a couple pulled pork shoulders, but now I need some clarification. We are having a few friends over tomorrow and wish to avoid pulling it while they are here. So is it possible pull it early and keep it warm some how for a couple hours? What is the optimum finish temp for...
  15. gmebey

    My Electric ECB is getting weak

    I'm sure this has been asked and addressed before, so sorry in advance. I have a old charcoal ECB that I converted to electric with the $45 conversion kit, which was nothing more than a element on a metal plate. At first it would easily run up to and above 275F, but now it struggles to get...
  16. gmebey

    Need advice, newbie at cheese

    I got a Big Kahuna and really want to do cheese, but I'm at a lost, and need some advice. My plan is to tackle this Sunday. 1) What is a good basic cheese? 2) What is the proper temp, cold is defined as less than 100F. So how low can I go? 3) Aging, why and how long? 4) Fridge or freezer...
  17. gmebey

    what is pork loin back ribs?

    OK a dumb question is pork loin back ribs the same as spare ribs? Should I use the 3-2-1 method at ~230? I can use any help you guys are willing to offer.
  18. gmebey

    baron of beef roast

    We got a 1/3 of cow last year and now are down to the uncertain pieces of meat. So what is a "baron of beef roast" good for? Can it be smoked?
  19. gmebey

    smokehouse and cold smoking

    I'm wanting to get into smoking cheese but I'm also wondering if a smoke house will also do regular stuff like poultry? What advice do the experts have on this?
  20. gmebey

    HELP need advice on a ham

    My wife is starting to love my new addiction (smoking) and asked me to do a ham for Easter. But the catch is I only have this weekend to do a practice run, and my research as yielded little. Anyone do a ham? Need to know: 1) Rubs 2) Temp 3) Time per pound 4) Types of hams.....precooked or...
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