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  1. danoj77

    Questions about building a 30 Gallon Reverse Flow Smoker

    Thanks for the advice on the chimney, SQWIB and Smoke Jumper. Tom, yeah, I have got the dam in place so that I can fill the reverse flow plate reservoir with water. And, Thanks for all the great compliments everyone. I appreciate it.
  2. danoj77

    Questions about building a 30 Gallon Reverse Flow Smoker

    Hi again, So just remembered that I had a question about my chimney. Here is an Autocad drawing of what I am currently planning to do with the chimney. I am going to use a 1/8" thick 3" outer diameter pipe.  Feldon's recommends a chimney pipe that is 16.31" of length with a diameter of 3"...
  3. RF smoker - autocad - chimney thoughts.jpg

    RF smoker - autocad - chimney thoughts.jpg

  4. danoj77

    Questions about building a 30 Gallon Reverse Flow Smoker

    Hey everybody! So, it has been a long time since I have posted any updates on my reverse flow smoker project.  I have just been so busy with school the last two years I hadn't had any time to work on it.  But, this summer I will get it finished, in fact, I should be completely done in just a...
  5. 2014-05-19 20.23.17.jpg

    2014-05-19 20.23.17.jpg

  6. 2014-05-19 20.23.12.jpg

    2014-05-19 20.23.12.jpg

  7. 2014-05-19 20.22.25.jpg

    2014-05-19 20.22.25.jpg

  8. 2013-08-31 23.12.01.jpg

    2013-08-31 23.12.01.jpg

  9. 2013-08-31 22.57.00.jpg

    2013-08-31 22.57.00.jpg

  10. 2013-08-31 22.56.41.jpg

    2013-08-31 22.56.41.jpg

  11. 2013-08-29 21.36.16.jpg

    2013-08-29 21.36.16.jpg

  12. 2013-08-29 21.35.50.jpg

    2013-08-29 21.35.50.jpg

  13. 2013-08-29 21.35.32.jpg

    2013-08-29 21.35.32.jpg

  14. 2013-08-29 21.35.20.jpg

    2013-08-29 21.35.20.jpg

  15. 2013-08-29 21.34.58.jpg

    2013-08-29 21.34.58.jpg

  16. 2013-08-26 20.12.16.jpg

    2013-08-26 20.12.16.jpg

  17. 2013-08-26 20.12.03.jpg

    2013-08-26 20.12.03.jpg

  18. 2013-08-10 22.13.42.jpg

    2013-08-10 22.13.42.jpg

  19. 2013-08-10 22.13.14.jpg

    2013-08-10 22.13.14.jpg

  20. 2013-08-10 22.13.04.jpg

    2013-08-10 22.13.04.jpg

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