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  1. usmcoklahoma

    Extending a smoking time

    Hey all. I'm having a cookout in a few week for some friends and I'll be cooking with a friend who will be smoking all night. Each recipe on bringing only require 4 to 8 hours. I'm bringing 2 ribs and a brisket, all of which have recipes I've tried on the family with great results. One rib is...
  2. usmcoklahoma

    What makes a good sauce?

    Since the time is upon us and id like to create my own sauce. My problem is I only know of a few things that go in a bbq sauce. Ketchup, brown sugar, I've heard of mustard being used and assorted spices. But what makes a good one? My next problem Is I also might need to make it diabetic...
  3. usmcoklahoma

    smoking a rubbed turkey

    Well, its getting down to the wire for turkey day. Me and my wife have all our stuff standing by but I have a question about my bird. Its a 14lbs butterball bird with a 3% brine solution. The misses wants it rubbed with a McCormick herb rub and Im gonna smoke it. My question is, since its rubbed...
  4. usmcoklahoma


    Hey folks. I know its been asked a billion times, but I only have a few things to work with. First, I need a basic Herb rub... if one exists. Then, after that, do I rub just the outside of the bird or can I take the rub inside to? Next, what kind of wood(s) would be best out of Hickory, Apple...
  5. usmcoklahoma

    Need help with smoking turkey

    Hey all. This Thanksgiving I may get the chance to smoke a turkey. My misses wants to just plain cook one cause she thinks it'd be easier but I'm tryin to talk her into letting me smoke it. I did a pretty dern good job with some pork ribs a month ago but that was pork and not a bird. So, to...
  6. usmcoklahoma


    Hey folks. Im pretty new here and new to this particular forum but I have a question. My wife just now informed me that this weekend we are having guests over and she/they want me to grill up aome steaks, just dont know what kind of steaks... So, with this little bit of knowledge, is there a...
  7. usmcoklahoma

    New smoker from Oklahoma city

    How y'all doin today? Before I get into smokin details ill share a brief history of myself. I am born and raised Okie, I did 4 years in the Marine Corps Infantry and went to Iraq a few times. I currently hold a "normal" 9 - 5 and I like to grill and just started smoking. My first try at smoking...
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