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  1. wesb

    FREE BBQ cook off in Tulsa!!

    Just bring your smoker and some meat! We'll be doing brisket, pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, and beans. Free to compete, and there will be a cash pool put together by the shop owners on site for the winners!  This well be a very relaxed atmosphere, geared more towards amateur contestants. ...
  2. wesb

    getting half beef next month looking for suggestions

    so im getting half a beef, weight on the hoof will be around 800-900lbs. im looking for any suggestions as to anything special i should ask for, like some good "smokable" cuts. dont know if its going to have much of a brisket, i'll just have to ask once the butcher has him. Any suggestions for...
  3. wesb

    Spatchcock question

    I want to try this for tomorrow, temp at about 275-300. how much time do i need to allow? its about 13lbs.
  4. wesb

    MES mod

    So i have an MES with burnt out terminals, but while it was down bought a GOSM, then built a UDS. Now the uds gets most of the use.  but i want to make sausage, and i hated the hot spot in the MES, so what if i put in a hot plate and wired it to where the heating element used to connect?  That...
  5. wesb

    24 inches?? really??

    great thanks to all who have helped out so far, everything's coming out great except i've spent more than i thought i would have.  so my current question is does the first grate really need to be 24 inches from top of coal basket??  common basket height is 8 inches, plus 3 inches for legs, plus...
  6. wesb

    nuts and bolts, zinc or stainless?

    i know not galvanized for sure, but for the coal basket and grate support bolts is zinc ok or do i have to use stainless steal?
  7. wesb

    uds burnout

    so i found a drum that contained orange juice or apple juice i cant remember, burned it out, and all the paint on the outside burned off, but on the inside there's still some reddish brown color.  is this a "liner"?  since it's already been exposed to intense heat, (it was glowing red in places...
  8. wesb

    want to build a uds

    how long can you cook before adding more fuel? Is it a real pain to add more fuel ? caps or ball valves or both?? can i do three grates ? i plan on getting a cheap 22.5 kettle for some donor parts. how does the dome lid compare to the flat lid for temp management? i really dont like...
  9. wesb

    MES repair

    where do i find high temp terminals / wires to repair my MES? Home Depot/Lowes? none of the local electric shops have what i need.
  10. wesb

    wayyyy too much smoke

    just ruined two briskets i smoked all night long for my church group. using my new gosm. i also realized the therm was off by about 30 degrees, is that typical?? used mesquite, meat is so bitter i dont think i can serve it. it wont be served till tonite, think it may tone down a bit??
  11. wesb

    hello from tulsa

    been looking up stuff here for a while now. mostly use a 30" MES, however not working at the moment, see post. also have ECB, brinkman pitmaster, and considering a GOSM if the MES wont work out. anyway been smoking for seven or eight years now, turn out some pretty good grub. would like to...
  12. wesb

    MES problem

    i've been using a MES for over a year now with no problems. when I start it up now it won't heat up, only a few inches of the element will get warm, that's it. Any suggetions? the only thing i've done since the last smoke was clean it out after stuffing it full of briskets for a wedding.
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