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  1. jrollins

    growing tomatoes

    That lookes like a good idea. Have you ever used epson salt in your mix.I get about three times the amount of blummes on my garden plants. With the amount of soil you use i would put a 4lb bag in with it. A little goes a long way. good luck jrollins
  2. jrollins

    Wally World 3405BGW

    I have the one from walmart. It does a good job i smoke 3 or 4 chikens at a time and put them in the freezer. The vent in the top is all it needs it pulles air from the bottem around the burner. I highly recomend it. I can smoke 4 to 5 times on a tank of gas. That is a 6 to 8 hour smokes at a...
  3. jrollins

    Tips for Using the New Forum

    I liked the old site
  4. jrollins


    royknives I do 3 or 4 lb I do 4 at a time . but what size you can get in a bag is good
  5. jrollins


    I have a foodsaver i smoke a whole chicken let it cool down put it in bag and vacium and freeze then when i am ready for it i cut the bag and wrap it in foil and heat it up and it is as good then as off the smoker
  6. jrollins

    Big OK Joe smoker on trailer up for auction

    did yall see they do not ship.
  7. jrollins

    Welcome New Members

    Jeff Thank You for the greeting I did not know there was a sight on Yahoo This is the only one I have gone to It has all I need to know with all the help from everyone Thank You for the site
  8. jrollins

    Favor from GOSM owners?

    I use 2 9x9 bakeing pans so i can swap them out when I need more wood
  9. jrollins


    I hade this problem but my problem was my temp. on my smoker was going down when the temp. outside went down hope this help you
  10. jrollins

    need a brine for venison

    Thank you I did it with a rub and injected it with apple juice i was told it very good i smoked it for my son in law
  11. jrollins

    gas smokey mountian great outdoors smoker

    I use A 9x9 bakeing pan and it workes good .I have two of them so i can swap them out when it needs new wood hope this helps you
  12. jrollins

    need a brin for chicken

    never mind!!!
  13. jrollins

    need a brin for chicken

    need a brin for 3 4lb chicken. how long do i brin them for
  14. jrollins

    Cant find bellies anywehre!

    I would get rid of the mask you might get more help. just kidding....
  15. jrollins

    need help

    IT was down to 220 but i got it up to 250 and the meat temp started coming back up
  16. jrollins

    need help

    smokeing a deer quarter temp. was 140 now 135 help
  17. jrollins

    New Guy

    my gazeboo workes to dont have to open no doors or windows. hahaha
  18. jrollins

    pork loins for xmas

    OK I SMOKED THE MEAT FOR XMAS....... It was so good thank yall forall your help. Would show a pic but can not get pic. on the site.
  19. jrollins

    need a brine for venison

    I am going to smoke deer quarter need help. Need a brine or do i need a rub. Whith one will do best.
  20. jrollins


    There Is nothing you cannot find out on this web site. THANK YALL ALL... Yes I am from the south
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