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  1. akdutchguy

    Thanksgiving practice run.

    Got an old turkey from my sister in law for our weekly cousin feed. Put the turkey in a basic salt and sugar brine for 3 days. I love this time of year when it stays between 32 and 40 outside so I don't need to use the fridge. I fired up the uds with some kbb. Got it holding at 300. Threw the...
  2. akdutchguy

    Smoked Green chilies?

    I just got some hatch chilies and was thinking about smoking them. Has anybody done this? A couple questions I had: Skin on or off? What temp? Best wood? I was thinking pecan Will be canning them when I'm done. Any pointers.? Thanks Jason
  3. akdutchguy

    Simple ribs

    Well it's Thursday night on the farm. Good night for a family meal of smoked ribs with cole slaw and potato salad. It's amazing how many different ways people turn out some delicious ribs. I thought I would share the way I do ribs. I got some St. Louis ribs from the store today. I put some of my...
  4. akdutchguy

    Planning a rf trailer build

    Still in the early stages of planning. After a lot of thinking about what kind of smoker to build, I have decided to go with a rf trailer. My plan is to find a thick pipe and cut it in half. Weld in a band in the middle to make it taller. I'm still debating on weather to build 2 and put them...
  5. akdutchguy

    Smoked goat stew

    So my brother in law called me and said he has some goat chops he needs to get rid of. I have never done goat before but I figure slow smoked and stewed can't be that bad. Got a quick brine going with some salt, sugar, oranges, lemon juice, and lime juice. After 2 hours in the brine it was off...
  6. akdutchguy

    Whole hogging it for Christmas.

    Brother in law came to me yesterday and said he had a small pig he needed to get rid of and wanted to eat it for Christmas. I like a challenge. Built me a makeshift cinderblock pit with a chunk of plywood on top. I hope this works. I have never cooked on a cinderblock pit. I have also never done...
  7. akdutchguy

    Veterans Day pork fest

    I am an aircraft mechanic by trait. We have the majority of our mechanics are veterans from all branches of the military. To honor them I am going to cook them a good meal filled with smoked pork. Today I have a couple pork butts going in the drum for a long smoke in some cherry wood. I hope it...
  8. akdutchguy

    Nick's Candied Salmon

    Just got done smoking some salmon strips. This was the first time for this recipe. I got it from a good friend of mine. Nick’s Indian/Salmon/Squaw Candy/Jerky Recipe!!! Revision 2 1 Part course sea salt (do not exceed 1c per batch) 4 Parts brown sugar (Example: 4c Brown Sugar 2/3C Sea Salt)...
  9. akdutchguy

    Bacon experiment

    I am trying to get some recipes mastered so when I get my commercial smokehouse going I can turn out some quality products. My latest project has been bacon. My first batch was awesome until I had a smoker malfunction and it got way over smoked. The next couple batches have been very...
  10. akdutchguy

    Brisket for dinner

    This week is brisket week for family dinner night. Woke up at 5 this morning to get the ol drum fired up. Threw a little hickory on for some flavor. At 6:30 the temps finally got up to 235. Tossed in the 10 pound choice brisket with some salt and pepper on it. Sure smells good. A few hours in...
  11. akdutchguy

    First go at smoked chicken

    Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to try something new. I live on a farm where we raise pigs and various other things. I have smoked a lot of pork and love it. Today for family cook night I decided to do some chicken. I have two whole chickens and a ton of thighs in a basic brine. A...
  12. akdutchguy

    Going pro

    I have been wanting to start up a small commercial smokehouse. I have been looking at a bunch of different smoker designs. My questions for the experts: What style of smokers are the most efficient? I live in Up north and know it will need to be insulated. What size would be adequate to run...
  13. akdutchguy

    So many smoker designs need help

    I have been wanting to start up a small commercial smokehouse. I have been looking at a bunch of different smoker designs. My questions for the experts: What style of smokers are the most efficient? I live in Up north and know it will need to be insulated. What size would be adequate to run...
  14. akdutchguy

    Rib stall?

    Has anybody ever had a batch of ribs stall? I have 6 racks in the uds. I've been at 154 for almost an hour now. I boosted the drum temp up to 280. I can't think of a time where I had ribs stall. Jason
  15. akdutchguy

    Different cure different taste?

    Has anybody noticed a difference in taste with different manufacturers of cure. I have only done a few batches of bacon. The first tasted similar to store bought. The second didn't taste cured for some reason. This last batch has a nice pink color and more cured taste. I have used different...
  16. akdutchguy

    Cold smoking bacon with a mailbox

    Is there a limit to the length of hose from the mailbox to the smoker? My first batch of bacon got way over smoked in my uds. I used my amazen tube with pit masters blend. I put it in the from with some bacon and cheese. Smoked for 6 hours. The first test fry was not edible. It was way bitter...
  17. akdutchguy

    Cold smoking bacon in the uds

    So my last batch of bacon was not that good. It turned out ok. It got way over smoked for my taste. And way too salty. I used pops wet brine on the bellies. I ended up soaking the bellies after cold smoking for 4 days. I changed the water a bunch. It became edible. Just took a lot longer. I used...
  18. akdutchguy

    Grate placement

    How critical is the lower grate placement? I see most get put at 24 above the charcoal grate. I would like to have the top rack a bit lower from the top if the drum. I could run the gap between grates a bit more narrow. Most of the shoulders have been around 5 tall. I guess I could quit...
  19. akdutchguy

    Amazing Amazen Products

    I just wanted to send out a great thank you to Todd and the rest of the people at Amazen Products. This morning I placed an order for a tube smoker and pellets for a bacon project I just started. I got an email at 7:54 saying they received my order. At 8:09 that order has shipped. I think he...
  20. akdutchguy

    Commercial smoking

    How many of you smoke commercially? I am working on getting set up to start smoking commercially. My vision is to start off with a mobile food truck and go from there. I have decided to build a rf trailer with a vertical for ribs and beans. I have been smoking for around 10 years now. I've...
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