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  1. bsrbbq

    Help with sauce

    Hi.  I live very near the area you are talking about.  I'm also looking for a sauce to use with my smoked sliced shoulder.  We get the shoulder sliced and then smoke it.  Someone told me that we need a sauce like what you are describing.  I've not really started looking very hard but I'm curious...
  2. bsrbbq

    Comment by 'bsrbbq' in media 'image.jpg'

    I hate to criticize another man's meat, but that does look very dark after just one hour.  However, I've seen some pretty blackened meat before and it sill tasted really good.  I would have probably just let it finish in the smoker anyway to see how it would turn out.  I plan on every smoke...
  3. Smoking turkey

    Smoking turkey

  4. bsrbbq

    Smoking turkey

    I've been smoking meat for just over 3 years.  I bought a restaurant in 2012 with a behemoth of a smoker out back.  This thing is monstrous and it intimidates me every time I smoke.  Most of the research I do is for small smokers so I just have to do the best I can to translate the info to my...
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  8. bsrbbq

    Smoking whole chickens and ribs

    I found two rib racks at Gander Mtn. They worked great. I used the same dry rub on all meats. The butts and chicken turned out great. The chicken was so easy and we sold out instantly. Everyone raved. Not a single complaint. We had 8 tins of pulled pork. Sold all but 3. I was not thrilled with...
  9. Smoking whole chickens and ribs

    Smoking whole chickens and ribs

  10. image.jpg


  11. bsrbbq

    Smoking whole chickens and ribs

    Probably around 250 degrees.
  12. bsrbbq

    Smoking whole chickens and ribs

    I apologize if I am not following the correct protocol but I don't have a lot of time.  Forgive me in advance. I'm smoking 16 Boston Butts on Friday evening.  I want to throw in 9 whole chickens and some slabs of ribs.  The smoker grates will mostly be full of the butts in pans so I'll have to...
  13. bsrbbq


    Contemplating 12 butts this time in the BSR smoker.  Happy 4th!
  14. bsrbbq

    Billbo's world famous dry rub & BBQ sauce recipe's

    I only had onion powder also and I used the same amount as the recipe called for the granulated.  I don't know if the granulated onion is better but my customers sure loved my smoked meat!  Good luck!
  15. bsrbbq

    Comment by 'bsrbbq' in media '8ButtsReadyToGo.JPG'

    Not sure what is up with this picture. It is not rotated when I look at it on my phone or on my PC.
  16. bsrbbq

    My maiden smokin' event!!

    Thanks, Gary.  BSR is the acronym I and many locals use in reference to my restaurant.  BSR = Bee Spring Restaurant.  :)  Bee Spring is a small farming community where I grew up in south central KY.  For years, when the phone was answered, since there are no other restaurants around, one would...
  17. bsrbbq

    Ta Da! Here's my smoked meat.

    Well, we serve Sweet Baby Rays here at my restaurant on ribs ands such.  Customers love it.  I have not ventured into making my own yet.  I also bought some Cattlemen's Carolina Tangy Gold and the few customers I let sample it tonight loved the Cattlemen's. I hope to sell all 7 pans this...
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