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  1. jftx


    I won! A few weeks ago I bought a $100 raffle ticket for a "one of a kind" Yoder on a comp cart. Out of 40 tickets, my number popped up. Brisket going on early tomorrow morning.
  2. jftx

    Venison Sausage Question

    I would like to make some venison sausage to share with family. I want to do some summer sausage and maybe some bratwurst and kielbasa. Can I do it without nitrates or nitrites or is that a fundamental requirement? Can I, instead, salt cure it? I have looked for several recipes and they all...
  3. jftx

    Masterbuilt XL Temp issues

    I tried making some jerky a couple of weeks ago.  The plan was to start around 150 degrees and go up from there.  On low my Masterbuilt reached 200.  I know I can turn it past high and get the flame lower but with West Texas winds I run the risk of the flame blowing out.  Also, with the flame...
  4. jftx

    The maiden voyage

    I have fired up the MBXL to do some coke can chickens. Qview coming soon.
  5. jftx

    Rookie Question

    I just got a Masterbuilt XL and need to season.  I think I read somewhere that I need to wipe the interior down with vegetable oil.  Is that true? What else do I need to do?
  6. jftx

    Master Forge Double door questions

    I noticed that the master Forge Double Door smoker is ranked number one in the review section.  Is it that good of a smoker?  I've been waiting for the Masterbuilt XL to go on sale because I have to have it shipped to me.  There is an $18 extra charge on top of the regular shipping costs plus...
  7. jftx

    newbie question

    I know a smoker is basically aan oven.  Does it hurt to bake things in it?  I'm always trying to figure out how to not cook in the kitchen during the summer beacuse it heats up the house and i was wondering if you could bake a cake in one as long as you obviously don't use wood chunks. 
  8. jftx

    i think i'm sold...

    I think I'm sold on a Masterbuilt Extra Wide propane Smoker.  Unfortunately I'm only able to look at them on-line.  I really like being able to check things over before i buy them but i don't live anywhere close to a Bass Pro Shop.  I've read great things about it.  I like the size.  I just...
  9. jftx


    I think my next smoker will be an electric one so I'm doing some research now.  I'm trying to figure out the pros and cons to a Traeger type smoker and an MES type smoker.  Does anyone who has the 40 find that the window is useless after a while.  It seems like the smoke would eventually color...
  10. jftx

    Question about thermometers

    So  I went to Academy and got a couple of these thermometers.  http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_119051_-1?Ntt=thermometer&Ntk=All I have seen a lot of pictures around here that have thermometers sticking out the meat about half way.  Is that the proper depth...
  11. jftx

    New guy from Texas

    Hello!  I'm new to the forum and new to smoking.  My wife got me a combo unit for my birthday back in February.  I've only smoked a pork loin in that time and I had a difficult time regulating the temperature.  I can't wait to get some good advice on how to fix that problem.  I'm hoping to smoke...
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