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  1. down lowe

    how long with cure#1?

    How long can I have a product at let's say, 100 degrees with just using Cure#1?  
  2. down lowe

    How long with Cure#!

    How long can I have a product at let's say, 100 degrees with just using Cure#1?
  3. down lowe

    Maverick 732

    Just ordered from A-mazen.  Best deal in town.  59.99 and free shipping.  can't beat that.  I am hoping to get it for the weekend.  I have a big sausage smoke planned.
  4. down lowe

    summer sausage Q view, new pic

    Here is a link to the recipe, etc. that I am using.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/102536/summer-sausage-questions-please-help I thought I would post a pic of the product, cased and ready for some chill time in the fridge.  They will hang in the smoker on Monday.  Can't wait...
  5. down lowe

    summer sausage questions - please help

    OK - I am about to venture into the world of summer sausage.  I am really excited, but I am trying to layout all my plans before hand so that I can go into the process without questions and clear idea of the process that I want to follow.  So, below is what I have laid out so far in terms of...
  6. down lowe

    First crack at some wings in the smoker w/ qview (update 1)

    did a standard rub - paprika, sugar, salt pepper, garlic powder, celery salt, cumin, ground chipotle pepper coated with olive oil and then tossed in rub, let rest for an hour or so. I am going to smoke at 240 or a while, not sure how long, then toss in sauce and finish in oven.  I like to bake...
  7. down lowe

    Why 152?

    I am new to sausage making but have been doing a lot of studying, etc. One question I have not found an answer to yet is why cured sausage needs to be brought up to 152? Can someone please help me understand this? Thanks!
  8. down lowe

    First attempt smoking sausage, Mettwurst, Qview

    Well, this my first attempt at smoking some sausage.  I am heading heading to a Christmas party tomorrow and am bringing mettwurst sliced up in some saurekraut. I used lcruzin's recipe and Qview posted last fall - thank again! I used the lcruzin's recipe exactly.  here's a link to that thread...
  9. down lowe

    Merry Christmas from Michigan

    I just wanted to drop a note and introduce myself and say "thanks" for the countless amount of knowledge that everyone has shared on this site.  I have learned crazy amounts over the past few days.  Thanks again. My wife just upgraded me from a little chief to an MES 40".  I also just took...
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