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  1. squirejoe

    Parts for Sale

    Recently, my old grinder gave up the ghost and all main gears stripped. I still have the grinding plates it came with, as well as the screw and hopper. I was wondering if anyone who might have the same model want to buy the parts off of me. They do not fit my new grinder. Here is the grinder...
  2. squirejoe

    "Pre" smoking.

    The temperatures are starting to drop here in the Mid-Atlantic, and the heart starts drifting to Cold Smoking.....for me at least. I have had great success with smoking cheeses and cold smoking fish when the temps stay below 40 degrees. I use an A-MAZE-N sawdust smoker and the IT of the smoking...
  3. squirejoe

    "Insufficient Permissions" when accessing a thread

    I was following a saved link to access a recipe and I received his error: "You do not have permission to post in this thread. Please contact a site administrator if you believe this to be in error. Alternately you may return to the <a href='/f/'>Forums</a> forum" I was not posting. Only trying...
  4. squirejoe

    "Pre-Smoking" meat

    During the winter, I tend to do a lot of Cold Smoking. Usually its for a relatively small amount of cheese, hard boiled eggs or salmon. There is a lot of extra space in the smoker and I was wondering if anyone has , for a lack of a better term, "Pre-Smoked" meats? I usually do not cold smoke...
  5. squirejoe

    A-MAZE-N Smoker trick

    I hope this is the best place to post this tip. I have been having some troubles with keeping my A-MAZE-N smoker lit and when it did stay lit, the smoke seemed to "Pool" along the top of the smoker and move up the exhaust pipe giving me uneven smoking when I was cold smoking. Hot smoking I had...
  6. squirejoe

    Hello from just outside of D.C.

    Hello....My name is Joe...and I like to smoke meat...(Hi Joe)... I have been intentionally smoking meat for 5 years. Unintentionally for 5 years before that. My unintentional years were making Beef Jerky and I was drying them either over a grill while cooking burgers or a small fire pit I had...
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