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  1. laszlo

    Got new AMNPS, had to smoke some sausage (BearViews included)

    Got bitten by sausage making bug again. Actually it was triggered by two events – firstly, I got my paws on small bag of high quality, authentic Spanish pimenton (smoked red paprika). Secondly, my spanking new AMNPS arrived along with 20 pound bag of oak pellets. Even though I still have some...
  2. laszlo

    Another try at bacon (or shall I say salo)

    Hi guys, Here is my another attempt at smoked bacon, although it is not quite the bacon most people think of on this forum. First of all, I eat my finished bacon raw, or better to say I never fry it. After bit of a googling around I found the English term for it - salo. Salo was the stuff I...
  3. laszlo

    Making of hungarian style Csabai with Q-views

    And here it is finally – my own first sausage. I was thinking about it for a while (10+ years?), the turning point was the discovery of the AMNS smoker. This gadget allowed me to do cold smoking in the portable smoker. Otherwise I would need to build a dedicated smoker with separate fire box, a...
  4. laszlo

    A-Maze-N Smoker in its first 3 sessions (fish, cheese, bacon)

    Hi folks, Newbie here, introduced myself where I should and here is my second post. I've done fair bit of hot-smokin' with me weber kettle but my ultimate goal was to get into making my own sausages. My problem (?) is that I live in a coastal subtropical climate (similiar to Florida) and...
  5. laszlo

    G'day from Downunder

     G'day to all from Australia. Been lurking around here for quite a while, mostly around smokers. I'm of Central European heritage, with quarter of German blood in me. My grandfather used to be a butcher and as a kid used to help him around with meet preparation, although by far the most loved...
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