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  1. jak757

    Ohio Group -- Let's go Buckeye State Smokers!

    Anyone else interested in an Ohio group?  
  2. jak757

    Using Evernote to save & organize recipes

    I started using Evernote to help organize information for work.  But as I used it I saw it as a great tool to collect, organize and retrieve any information – like all the great ideas and recipies I see here on SMF! Evernote  is a suite of software & services used for note taking  and...
  3. jak757

    HELP! Did I ruin my bellies by using to much Cure#1?

    I have 12 pounds of pork bellies curing, which should be ready to smoke come Sunday.  It's been awhile since I have made bacon, and I put together my cure based on my notes from the first time.  I had written down the "basic cure" from Ruhlman's book (my notes say page 39).  Of course I recently...
  4. jak757

    Beef Rib Roast, Chicken & "Bacon kabobs" in my new MES 40 & Newer AMNPS -- Qview

    Had my MES 40 for a few weeks, did a couple smokes using my trusty AMNS, and encountered the what happens when you use the amazing cold smoke device for hot smoking.  Lucky for me, and thanks to the equally amazing Todd Johnson, I was able to get one of the first AMPS.  First smoke under my...
  5. jak757

    40" MES question: Glazed ceramic or slate tile ok?

    Greetings all!  I have a new 40" MES I'm going to set up and season today.  I went to Home Depot to pick up a 12X12 tile to use as a heat deflector as suggested here. I looked for an unglazed ceramic tile, but they said the only ones they carry are glazed, the only non-glazed tiles they carry...
  6. jak757

    Input please -- sausage stuffer on Craigslist

    I've been wanting to get a sausage stuffer, and I saw this today on Craigslist.  I'm hoping someone might be familiar with this and let me know what you think.  It seems like a decent deal -- if the stuffer is a good one. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/for/1876533755.html Any input is...
  7. jak757

    From Cleveland CL -- Apple wood - chunks and chips - $2/lb (they ship)

    Just saw this on Cleveland Craigslist.  I might check it out, and thought I'd share the link http://cleveland.craigslist.org/grd/1840458619.html
  8. jak757

    BIG meaty beef ribs with Qview (THANKS to SOB!!)

    On Friday SmokingOhioButcher (SOB) posted some amazing Qview of some mighty meaty beef ribs.  As it just so happens, we had family plans for Saturday that had me about 20 minutes away from him.  I (kind of) jokingly said I could swing by and get some.  Mark, the great guy that he is offered to...
  9. jak757

    My First Rib Roast -- Qview

    Got a good deal on a 4.4 lb standing rib roast.  Decided it was time to smoke my first rib roast on the WSM.  Based on this, it will NOT be the last! Acme runs a sale on these once in a while..... Rubbed down with olive oil and some Montreal Steak seasoning.... Smoked at about 230 in the...
  10. jak757

    Sausage Stuffer on Craigslist -- need some input please......

    Just saw this sausage stuffer on Craigslist.  Not sure if it's worth looking at or not.  Anyone familiar with these? http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/atq/1795232814.html Thanks!
  11. jak757

    Brisket and Pulled pork from the WSM. With Qview

    Love my WSM!  And I figure when I get it going, I might as well fill it up!  The latest smoke was a brisket and two pork butts for pulled pork.  Enjoy the Qview! Just over 8 lbs of brisket! Almost 15 lbs pf pork! Brisket all rubbed down with love.... Used some EVOO, Montreal Steak, garlic...
  12. jak757

    Bacon in my CG with the AMS.....never again....

    ....will I buy bacon from the store!  Well, that's what the family is requesting.  Makes a guy proud! This was my second batch of bacon.  Basic cure from Ruhlman and Pollens book.  First time I did a cold smoke.  Used my AMS in my Char Griller. WOW WOW WOW......worked like a champ! I mixed...
  13. jak757

    How long can I let my bacon cure? (Could use some suggestions today)

    I have bacon curing -- today is day 7.  Unfortunately for me, the weather is not going to help me smoke it.  Rain again! Can I let my bacon continue to cure -- and for how long?  Based on my schedule, and the weather forecast, it looks like another week before I can smoke it.  Should I let it...
  14. jak757

    For fans of Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polycn – a new book coming out

    For fans of Charcuterie by Ruhlman and Polycn – a new book coming out Read this on Michael Ruhlmans blog (http://ruhlman.com/): “I'm buried in work after being gone, so I will note a few highlights but of course keep the salume revelations for the book—there was one huge transformative one...
  15. jak757

    What happens if I don't "overhaul" for the first three days?

    Not sure it would be a good idea, but figured I'd run it past the experts here.  I'll be buying some bellies Friday morning.  I could get them started curing that morning, but I'm going out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, and won't be home until Monday night to rub and turn it over (I...
  16. jak757

    Is this thing for real?!?!?!? (sorry -- more praise for my WSM)

    I started the WSM at 10 PM Saturday night. Filled the ring as much as possible. Cooked a brisket, two pork butts, and after they were off, two boneless turkey breasts. Added 15 briqs. with the birds -- didn't have to! It's 5:30pm Sunday, and it's still running at 240!!! I am so...
  17. jak757

    What do you do with the skin?

    Smoking my first batch of bacon right now. I'll be trimming the pork belly skin off after it smokes. I'm curious -- what do you do with your skin?
  18. jak757

    Question on smoking bacon in MES -- smoking now

    Greetings all! I have my first six lb batch of bacon in an MES I borrowed from a friend. A couple of questions for you MES users. What temp do you smoke your bacon at? I'm starting at 120, going to move to 140 or 150. Does that sound right? I was told to just use a small handful of chips...
  19. jak757

    Lovin my WSM!!!

    I just had to announce again just how much I love this WSM I picked up last week. Did a quick smoke last Sunday -- two turkey breasts and a chuckie (Qview at the link below). Last night I fired up the WSM for the second time. Used a clay saucer in the water bowl -- seems to run a bit hotter...
  20. jak757

    Timing Question for smoking brisket and pork butt @ same time…

    My opportunity to smoke is limited due to family responsibilities and weather – so it looks like late Saturday night (10/11PM) through Sunday is it. I’m wanting to maximize my cook (plus, want to really test out my new WSM), so I’m thinking of smoking brisket and pork butt(s)….and then some...
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