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  1. GaryHibbert

    Thanks Eve Humor

    Whole lot of funny ones Ray, but I love the blisters from the broom one. :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing: Gary
  2. GaryHibbert

    First load of the season.

    Looks like you're set for a while now, Steve. That pepperoni is a great idea. Gary
  3. GaryHibbert

    PID and heating element?

    I have a MES 30 with the Auber PID. When the heat element went south, I swapped it over for the element that the MES 40 uses--the extra wattage in the bigger element sure made a nice difference. If I had bought a lower wattage PID, I wouldn't have been able to do that. Gary
  4. GaryHibbert

    Out With The GK's

    Looks like a great place for the kids to visit. Adults too, I'd say. Gary
  5. GaryHibbert

    Saying goodbye...

    Real sorry to hear this Sherry. A dog becomes a friend, companion, and very close to your heart. Gary
  6. GaryHibbert

    Close call ( peanut allergy)

    That's a little too close. Glad everything worked out. The epipen worked and was available. They might be expensive, but well worth the cost. Gary
  7. GaryHibbert

    Daily Dose

    Couple of good ones Hank. Gary
  8. GaryHibbert

    The best brisket I have ever made.

    WOW!!! Great job. That could be a Brisket Poster Boy. Gary
  9. GaryHibbert

    Mississippi Chuck Roast

    If I did an overnight cold smoke on a roast, I'd have to thaw it out again before I cooked it the next day. LOL Gary
  10. GaryHibbert

    Mississippi Chuck Roast

    Everything looks good Case. That meat wouldn't even need chewing, it looks so tender. That's a pretty fancy cream can you've got there. Haven't seen one of those. Gary
  11. GaryHibbert

    Weber Hot Pockets

    Those look good, John. I'll bet that filling is like molten lava when they come out of the oven. Gary
  12. GaryHibbert

    It's Sunday, Sunday Sunday...Time for a little RedNeck humor

    Great jokes Chris. Gary
  13. GaryHibbert

    Loaded Twice Baked Potatoes

    Oh yeah!! I could eat a couple of those, John. Gary
  14. GaryHibbert

    Prime Rib Under Done

    Prime rib always looks underdone to me. :emoji_wink: Gary
  15. GaryHibbert

    2020 is the worst year. Ever.

    Yeah, 2020 sucks. It's never easy with an old friend. Reminds me of my old girl Roxy--another month and a half and she'll be 12. Gary
  16. GaryHibbert

    What kinda of knife do you trim fat with?

    I use a stiff straight boning knife. Gary
  17. GaryHibbert

    Daily Dose

    Good ones guys. Ray, I like the Nesquicks. Rob, the "ship has sailed" is great. Hank, that is sooooo true. Gary
  18. GaryHibbert

    As We Ponder 2020: Some Friday Funnies

    Wow!!! No that's a great collection today guys. Thanks to everybody. Gary
  19. GaryHibbert

    Lets go with a theme to start the weekend off.

    That's a REALLY GREAT bunch today, Chris!! Thanks for the laffs. Gary
  20. GaryHibbert

    650 pound Lang

    Ah, 75 isn't bad, Al. You should make that extra 25. I turn 72 in a few days, and I'm sure not ready for that dirt nap. Happy Birthday!! Gary
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