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  1. JLeonard

    Single guys Thanksgiving

    Looks good Doc.
  2. JLeonard

    2020 Jinxed My Thanksgiving!

    Looks like you overcame adversity pretty well. I keep thinking 2021 has got to be better...... Jim
  3. JLeonard

    Best turkey ever! Dry brined....

    SOUNDS like a good bird. But agree with @zwiller we live off of pics. LOL.
  4. JLeonard

    Breakfast Fatty

    Oh man that looks good. Jim
  5. JLeonard

    Whole turkey on the 26 " kettle

    Nice looking plate! Jim
  6. JLeonard

    Smoked/fried turkey.

    Looks good. Jim
  7. JLeonard

    2020 Thanksgiving Dinner!

    Totally drooling over that kitchen! Jim
  8. JLeonard

    Featured my first turkey breast

    Almost too pretty to slice....Almost I say! That is one gorgeous bird. Jim
  9. JLeonard

    First Bird

    Looks excellent. I also have a couple of sous chefs (dogs) that are more than willing to help with taste testing and floor clean up. Jim
  10. JLeonard

    Smoked Cheese for the holidays

    Yeah, I have the Masterbuilt Gas house. I think its the same as yours. I love that thing.
  11. JLeonard

    Smoked Cheese for the holidays

    Cheese looks good. And I think I have the same smoker as you.
  12. JLeonard

    Saved the Gobbler

    Looks good! Jim
  13. JLeonard

    Saved the Gobbler

    Looks darn good. Cant wait to see the finished product. Jim
  14. JLeonard

    First Bird

    I believe most common thinking is that the first 100 degrees IT. Jim
  15. JLeonard

    New Kid on the Block!

    Nothing like a puppy to keep everyone on their toes. Shes a cutie! Jim
  16. JLeonard

    No Joke! Thanksgiving Memory

    Sometimes the best are those that happen by mistake (or with alcohol included). Of course I can picture the flames shooting out of the stack of the smoker. Jim
  17. JLeonard

    Close call ( peanut allergy)

    Yikes! My daughter (27yo) is also peanut allergic. Have had many a scary events with her. Of Course she says that if she ever gets the death penalty her last meal will be everything she has never been able to eat. Starting with a Reeses peanut butter cup. LOL. Jim
  18. JLeonard

    New Guy Central Gulf Coast.

    Welcome from North Mississippi! Dont worry...the addiction sneaks up on ya. Jim
  19. JLeonard

    New build

    Looks nice!Cant wait to see it in action. Jim
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