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  1. kelbro

    new format

    I don't like change either. Just when I learn where everything is and how everything works, it changes. It'll take some getting used to but I do like the looks of this new format.
  2. kelbro

    Salisbury Steak with Onion Gravy

    Looks great! So you use a total of 4C of broth? Two to make the 'roux' and two more to him it down? Thanks
  3. kelbro

    Just another burnout question

    Light it up. Much easier than the orange liners.
  4. kelbro

    Stuffed Flounder

    Good times there. Sea Wolf park, San Luis Pass, Christmas Bay, POC, Rockport, S Antonio Bay. We used to fish them all years ago. Also miss the fresh shrimp and oysters.
  5. kelbro

    Stuffed Flounder

    Which bay? I miss bay fishing...
  6. kelbro

    Blackbuck Antelope TAMALES !

    Christmas tradition at our place. You provided a very good work instruction on making them. Try smoked turkey, wow. We also do chicken tamales with a little Hatch Chile and a sliver of Wisconsin cheese.
  7. kelbro


    Zatarains has it nailed. Their red beans and rice is not bad either but I add more red beans.
  8. kelbro

    1st & 2nd smoke on the new WSM 22.5

    Those look perfect. WSM is a producer!
  9. kelbro

    Passing it on

    Great tradition. That's about when I started. Never had venison bologna. Sounds like a great idea.
  10. kelbro

    Shrimp & Grits again

    Me either but I definitely plan to try it now!
  11. kelbro

    Shrimp & Grits again

    Looks great! Love shrimp and grits. There's a place near me that does their grits in a crispy cake and then uses a mushroom-bacon-light cream sauce over the grilled shrimp. Never seen that before and it is fantastic!
  12. kelbro

    Tri-tip on the UDS

    Good tip. Thanks. This was far from overcooked. Tender, juicy and great flavor.
  13. kelbro

    Tri-tip on the UDS

    Tri-Tip - Smoked on the UDS @ 225° until IT was 135° and then 3 mins on each side on the smoking' hot grill. So tender. Pulled apart like fine brisket. Lots of juice. The wife doesn't like red meat so I have to take it a little past prime!
  14. kelbro

    Huge Pulled Pork Poblanos

    I have the PP, just checked the poblanos down at the market and they were too small doggone it. Those look fantastic!
  15. kelbro

    Jimmy Dean ground sausage

    That came out great. Not greasy. Recommend that you use a rub without salt since the sausage has plenty.
  16. kelbro

    Jimmy Dean ground sausage

    Thanks for the inspiration. Just put a chub on the smoker over some apple.
  17. kelbro

    Brisket Hot and Fast or Low and Slow?

    The few that Iv'e done hot and fast came out OK. I think that the low and slow method produces a little bit juicier brisket. Just my (limited) experience with hot and fast.
  18. kelbro

    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    Like! North Carolina Thanks!
  19. kelbro

    Well I Went And Did It: Ordered The Rec Tec RT 700 Bull

    My buddy loves his.
  20. kelbro

    Fish head stew, smoked lingcod, opah, salmon milt, peppers and onions

    Saw an Opah caught on a fishing trip out of San Diego. Never tried it.
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