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  1. gone4nc

    Ribs for me

    I decided to do some ribs today, while my wife is in Minnesota .
  2. gone4nc

    Cheese in the snow

    I needed to take advantage of the chilly weather today, and smoked some cheese. Ever since my friends tried  this stuff, I can't make enough.
  3. gone4nc

    What a great smoke today.

    I got home from church today, I didn't even go in the house. I started my fire then went in and prepped the meats. I thought I pulled chicken thighs from the freezer, but it was wings. It's ok , I love them too.I had sliced and marinated 5 lbs. of eye round  for jerky . I also had 10 lbs. of hot...
  4. gone4nc

    Cold today it's cheese time

    I had a great afternoon smoking some sharp cheddar and tried some Parmesan. A nice 4 hours and done.
  5. gone4nc

    new Meadow Creek SQ36

    I finally got a chance to cook on my new smoker today. It was super windy , but at least the snow stopped last night. I opened this smoker with 2 racks of beef ribs, 2 rope sausages and 2 butts. all of it turned out very well , but the beef ribs were great.
  6. gone4nc

    Mondays pork butts

    Making up some pork butts for Saturday . I cut this in half so I could cook them a little quicker, first  time I've cut them like this. I have to do this ahead of time , because i have to work Tuesday thru Friday.I'll serve this two butts pulled and smoked cheeses and sides for the shooting...
  7. gone4nc

    Turkey for the shooting class

    I did a turkey for the police shooting class for this Saturday. I'll also do two pork butts and did some cheddar for them. The turkey was at 170* in 3.5 hours. Smoked at 275*-325* with cherry , oak and royal oak lump.
  8. gone4nc

    1st cheese smoke

    I did my first cheese Friday. I did colby, mild and medium cheddar and montery Jack. I used apple and hickory, too much hickory I think. We had grilled cheese from the medium cheddar tonight and it was very good. I will be running a lot more of this stuff. Thanks to everyone on here , for...
  9. gone4nc

    nNew cutting board

    My buddy that work for a counter top maker, gave me the sink cut out scrap. Turns out the piece comes from a Boos butcher block counter top. It was unfinished , so he made sure to give me  some food safe oil for it too. This thing is big  28.5 "x18.5". Now I don't want to get it dirty.
  10. gone4nc

    My version of beef jerky

    I start with sirloin tip. Freeze it slightly, then slice about 1/8" - 3/16". I marinade in Italian dressing with horse radish added. As I pat them dry and place in smoker I will sprinkle  very lightly with chipotle powder . Smoke at about 225*-250* until it taste and feels right usually about...
  11. gone4nc

    Meadow Creek SQ36

    I just got home from Mason Dixon Bbq Service in Greencastle PA. I bou bought a MC SQ36 I'm going to pick it up on 12/7/13 during the open house. I didn't get it today because I didn't have my flat trailer with me and I can save 5% during the open house. I wasn't even there to buy a smoker, but...
  12. gone4nc

    Meatloaf and eye round

    I made 17lbs. of meatloaf today, I added some venison sausage . they came out nice, but needed a little fat in them, the eye round came out great, All smoked for about 4 hours or so at 250. Sliced the eye thin and the shooting class love it too. The brats were for my wife and I for lunch.
  13. gone4nc

    Late loin

    I put a pork loin on about 830, temps running around 255. I need this done tonight , so I don't miss church in the morning. I should finish at 145* around 1100. The shooting class is small about 8 people, but the loin is 8.7 lbs. left overs will be great.
  14. gone4nc

    Finally picked up some apple.

    Wenr to the shooting range today to make dinner fir the class, and to my surprise thr owner had trimmed some apple trees for me. This is good , I have no apple . I also hit is qood pile Sunday and picked up some seasoned cherry. Life ia good.
  15. gone4nc

    big shooting class this week

    I have 35 people per day , this week. My question is how much meatloaf should I smoke for them?
  16. gone4nc

    Couldn't sleep, light it up.

    I figured if I was awake , why not start the pit early. I need to get the pork butts and beef done today. These sheriffs are going to eat well this weekend. Butts are rubbed doen and pit is coming to temp. Beef ti follow later.
  17. gone4nc

    Chicken up

    Stared the chicken thighs a little late due to the weather . 10 lbs on and 10 to go. This is for the sheriff's class Sunday, since it's going ro be pulled I thought I'd get ahead of things.
  18. gone4nc

    cooking for cops

    I have been asked to make lunch Saturday and Sunday this week for a shooting class for the local sheriff's dept. It's about 20-25 people, I'm thinking Saturday 2 butts , beans and slaw. Sunday will be bottom round thin sliced , potato salad and slaw. I hope I can keep them happy, I will be out...
  19. gone4nc

    It's wing Saturday

    Just threw some wings on. Put a little home rub on them and when they hit 165º I'll dip them in white bbq sauce and grill to crisp the skin. That should do it.
  20. gone4nc

    Left over pork butt

    Seeing it's just my wife and I, we have left over pork a lot of times. I freeze it ,and use as I choose. My favorite is egg rolls. A bag of cabbage slaw mix without the dressing a couple cups of pork , relish and BBQ sauce with a little extra vinegar added. wrap in egg roll shell and fry, they...
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