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  1. buckeye024

    carving whole chickens

  2. buckeye024

    carving whole chickens

    Quote: Now that's funny right there!
  3. buckeye024

    30" MES Stainless - Black Friday SALE!

    I just took a peak at the Bass Pro Shops 2010 Black Friday Ad. Black Friday is the huge sale on the day after Thanksgiving. They will be selling the 30" Stainless MES for $179. They normally have it listed for $299. Here is the ad itself...
  4. buckeye024

    Is pulled pork better reheated the next day? -----POLL

    Try freezing it and re-warming it. I re-warm it by putting a pile on a paper plate, wrapping it all in paper towels and adding several drops of water on the paper towel, not enough to thoroughly soak it though, and heating it in a microwave. For some reason, in my opinion, it tastes so much...
  5. buckeye024

    Warming pulled pork back up

    I'll add this...Last fall I smoked a couple butts. Pulled it and added SoFlaQuers finishing sauce. Then I froze most of it for use over the winter in several family "meal size" containers. During the winter I would pull out a container for dinner every so often. I placed the meat on a dixie...
  6. buckeye024

    Coke Injection

    I tried the Coca-cola injection on 2 butts this weekend. I normally do not do any injection, but I tried the coke injection on these. I have to say, I couldn't taste any difference at all, subtle or not. By the way, the pulled pork, after I added SoFlaQuers finishing sauce, was still delicious...
  7. buckeye024

    Finishing Sauce on Pork Butts?

    Its more of a matter of taste. Personally, I wouldn't do pulled pork without it. I love the flavor and moisture it adds. I use SoFlaQuers sauce, the recipe is on a sticky on this site.
  8. buckeye024

    Coke Injection

    Hey all, I'm smoking a couple butts this weekend. I wanted to try something a little different than an applejuice injection with Jeff's rub. Has anyone tried injecting with Coca-Cola? 
  9. buckeye024

    3-2-1 rib method

    Does anyone put them on a grill with sauce after the foil, instead of back in the smoker? I'd think with a little higher heat (but not too high) they'd firm up better and glaze the sauce more. I've been thinking of trying this...
  10. buckeye024

    Jeff's rub and sauce glutin free?

    The rub does not contain Gluten.
  11. buckeye024

    Smokin Butt In Kentucky

    Welcome from Lexington!
  12. buckeye024

    Tony's Pulled Pork With Q-View

    Where did you get that chip basket? I like it. Do you get many flare-ups with it?
  13. buckeye024

    Commercial Fridge Conversion to Gas Smoker

    That's quite an undertaking. Good Luck!
  14. buckeye024

    Frozen Pulled Pork

  15. buckeye024

    Frozen Pulled Pork

    I don't think it's because were used to the smoke. My family thinks its better after freezing too and they usually aren't around when I'm smoking it, only after its done.
  16. buckeye024

    Frozen Pulled Pork

    Last fall, when it started getting cold out, I smoked up a couple butts to get me through the winter. I pulled them and placed it multiple plastic containers so the family could pull out a single meal, reheat it quickly in the microwave, and eat. I've noticed, for some reason, the re-heated meat...
  17. buckeye024

    Fat side up or down?

    I do it up...
  18. buckeye024

    Justification help needed for SV24

    I have my GOSM going right now, smoking a Butt. I have never had a problme with it. I'm not sure why you would need more BTU's from the burner, my GOSM can get close to 400 degrees. You certainly don't need that kind of heat when making Q. There is no way I can see the justification...Not even...
  19. buckeye024

    Butt Smoke - QVIEW

    Foiling at 180-190 is definitely the way to go...this meat was phenomenal! Even re-heated.
  20. buckeye024

    Butt Smoke - QVIEW

    10:30pm. DONE - Finally!!! This was one unusually long smoke. But, the results are great!
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