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  1. bladebuilder

    Breakfast sausage patties

    Thanks guys! The flavor and texture were really nice!
  2. bladebuilder

    Disney style turkey legs

    Thanks! I kept them in for three days. I was worried about the salt too, but it was good! Next time, I'd omit or reduce the onion and garlic. It was too much I think.
  3. Disney style turkey legs

    Disney style turkey legs

  4. bladebuilder

    Disney style turkey legs

    So today is the day!! Used the old offset smoker. Needs a coat of high temp paint, but its still doing its thing! Thin smoke wafting Turkey legs on the Q-Mat are in at 7:00 am After, some quality time in the smoker, the results look great!
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  8. bladebuilder

    More back bacon!

    Thanks!! I make 'em, so I try to use them. Im a bloody rookie compared to some who use my knives!! None of the slices are thicker than 1/8"
  9. bladebuilder

    Breakfast sausage patties

    I guess the issue was I am ok with the casings. Quite like them actually. But there are 4 lady under my roof, that I need to like the sausage as well. Thanks AL, I'm happy with the flavor and texture.
  10. More back bacon!

    More back bacon!

  11. bladebuilder

    More back bacon!

    Latest batch of back bacon. TQ and pure maple sugar/brown sugar. Instead of using ziplock bags, I do the whole loin, put it in a vac bag, pull the air out and seal. After 10 days... Cold smoked for 14 hours, left in the smoker over night (-3C or 25F-ish outside) Next day, heat on in the...
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  16. Breakfast sausage patties

    Breakfast sausage patties

  17. bladebuilder

    Breakfast sausage patties

    So I have an issue... The missus and my cubs, arent fans of sausage casing on breakfast sausage. Natural or synthetic. Me and my hunting partner/brother in law, had some trim left from deer this fall, and some pork trim from the heritage hogs we butchered, taking up space in the freezer. So we...
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