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  1. marty vw

    Turkey Turkey

    Just smoking a 12 lb turkey today. Brined over night. Water, Kosher Salt, Brown sugar and worcestershire Sauce. Smoking on a side fire box wood charcoal smoker. (Old School) At 300 degrees until finished at internal temp of around 167 degrees. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...
  2. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    They were at 154 about 8 hours in. Pulled them out when they were 200 to 205.Forgot pics before I delivered them. Work out super well. Thanks a bunch
  3. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    5 hours in
  4. brisket3.png


  5. Brisket Help

    Brisket Help

  6. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    Pic Rubbed and ready
  7. Brisket1.png


  8. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    Well the day has come. So I have decided to go with JCBigler's idea. I have the brisket rubbed with an all season rub I use on most everything. I will have pics after I get the brisket out of the fridge and put on the smoker in about 2 hours. So I am just wondering what every one that uses a...
  9. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    Oh my sounds like it will be my first all nighter lol
  10. marty vw

    Brisket Help

    Hey first I wanna say I really appreciate the advice and help from all you fellow smokers.  So I need some advice on smoking a brisket for someone else's family reunion. They want to eat it at noon. Will be around 20 lbs. or so for around 40 people. Wandering if I need to pull an all night smoke...
  11. marty vw

    First Time Cheese

    Looks great!!!!  I like to put the cheese on the top rack and put ice under it just to help keep the temp down
  12. marty vw

    Smoking Some Butts toady

    Squirrel they came with the nets on them. Don't think it makes much differense. At leats I can't tell any. I normaly use Hickory but all I had was Mesquete, might get a better smoke ring not sure.
  13. marty vw

    Smoking Some Butts toady

  14. 001 (7).JPG

    001 (7).JPG

  15. marty vw

    Smoking Some Butts toady

    Ready to start pulling.....6 1/2 hours in the smoker and let rest for 45 minutes Now I am ready to eat.
  16. 004 (5).JPG

    004 (5).JPG

  17. marty vw

    Smoking Some Butts toady

    Stopped adding smoke and wrapped in foil. Will have picks of finished product.
  18. marty vw

    Smoking Some Butts toady

    Just smoking a couple Pork Butts today. Dry rubbed them last night with Cookies All Purpose Seasoning. And now they are ready to put in the smoker. Going to do them at 225 until 195 to 200 and pull em. mmmmmmmmm
  19. DSCF3672.JPG


  20. marty vw

    what! they even picked the bones.

    I have had beaver in a crock pot before, I is actually darn good to eat. Not much fat on beaver meat so i am not sure how id would smoke. Afraid it might be to dry.
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