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  1. rio_grande

    Well it has sausage on it. Scotch eggs

    They were a hit! Easy to make and tasted fantastic. 
  2. rio_grande

    Homemade pizza on the grill. First shot.

    Turned out really good. I will get more confident. Really easy. Little hickory was a nice touch.
  3. rio_grande

    Nothing fancy blazen, smoked, grilled legs

    Well I love hot and spicy but wings always leave me wanting more meat with my hot and spicy. Tried thighs, but they are a bit too meaty to get good spice in so we started doing legs. I recently got a weber performer so I thought what the heck.  Started off high heat searing the outsides. Then...
  4. rio_grande

    Hot fast brisket fail!

    Been playing with other ways of cooking brisket. Trying to find a better end product than I am currently. Well I have a weber performer kettle. I thought I would try one in it. Did all the usual prep and trimmed it a bit closer. I injected this one as an experiment. On the weber running 300-350...
  5. rio_grande

    What to make with anaheim peppers?

    I am overwhelmed with peppers at the moment. Don't have enough time to stuff them all and smoke. We are going to start roasting them and putting in the freezer but I need to come up with something to use these anaheim peppers and a huge mass of japelenos coming on fast. I am planning on making a...
  6. rio_grande

    Any pix of a chili roaster/blancher?

    We are planning to make green sauce this year and want to blanch Anaheim peppers in mass! I saw one here years back but couldn't find it now.
  7. rio_grande

    Side dressing tomatoes with compost?

    We do this on other plants. Is there any reason not to do it on tomatoes?
  8. rio_grande

    Tyson food smell

    It seems like in my area tyson foods is taking over everywhere. They are the only company we see at the grocery stores. I have noticed regardless of when I get it close or far away from the sell by date it always has an unplesant odor and the dranage is always a milky red color. A few weeks ago...
  9. rio_grande

    Re introduced to an old friend

    This thread is pretty meaningless but a prelude to tomorrow nights Qview of some deer brats. I hadnt used my Cabelas 1hp grinder in over a year and when I had stopped using it it was overheating at the bushing in the rear of the head. I got it out and looked things over. The bushing is a...
  10. rio_grande

    Calling all sausage heads!!

    I was searching around for a few things today and did find them but thought how handy it would be if we put our recipees in a central location. I will start with my fav deer breakfast sausage. 10lb ground deer mixed to your deer/pork fat ratio 4 tbsp salt (I like sea salt or kosher) 2 tbsp...
  11. rio_grande

    Deer ham?

    I killed a small deer this weekend and want to smoke hams. Anyone have any experience with these?
  12. rio_grande

    Test pic

  13. rio_grande

    First Prime rib!!!

    Well after a chat session with Pinneywoods last night I comited today to a 6 lb chunk of prime rib. Man that is impressive piece of meat. Today is our 13 wedding anaversary and a woman that put up with me for that long deserves this. Plus I get to smoke it. Started off with a rub of EVOO...
  14. rio_grande

    3rd briskit and it was a home run.

    First few briskets were ok, not bad, just not all that good. We had a faimly reunion this weekend and along with 4 porks butts I tossed on a brisket and chuckie to fill out the smoker. I rubbed the brisket and chuck with montana steak seasoning.  I was out of my all purpous rub and figured i...
  15. rio_grande

    I need a new food processor make some recomendations.

    Well the time has come. I need a new food processor. As big as I can get. My old one tries to launch off of the counter when drop in cut up onions. I dont want anything with 5 safetys or anything, it is a food processor if you stick your figer in it ,,,, you will get processed. :)
  16. rio_grande

    Anyone feel like they threw their money away buying the ET73?

    I used mine a couple times and have had alot of trouble getting it to sync, range is less than 30 feet through my back door to the counter. depends on how you set it on the counter as to if it works. If you turn off the reciever you have tr re sync it with the transmiter through this overly...
  17. rio_grande

    Do I have some setting wrong?

    When I view posts if there is a photo in it the photo does not fit inside the post viewing window and I have to slide the bar back and forthe to see the photo. for the most poart it is rare to be able to get the picture put togethere except in  my mind. Is there a way to reduce the size of the...
  18. rio_grande

    Where to find stainless steel bear paws

    I recently got some plastic bear paws, pretty impressed by the concept but verry unimpressed with the cheap plastic product recieved. Where can one find stainless steel version of the Bear Paws? I greatly appriciate any information you can provide. Jeff
  19. rio_grande

    How ya find out the wife and kids appriciate you

    THEY GO OUT AND SPEND YOUR MONEY !!!!!! LOL I have outgrown my standard GOSM and after about a year of looking for a bigblock, finding one  several times then backing out because I am cheap the wife and children got me one for fathers day... They even picked dear old dad up a new deep fryer as...
  20. rio_grande

    Frying a bunch of fish, just not sure what.

    I am getting ready to fry a bunch fish for a faimly gathering. I havent done this in years. back then we used catfish, but I havent been able to find good catfish in years. what reasonably priced fish would you recomend to please most tastes and what breading do you recomend?
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