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  1. dstar26t


    Hi Al, Thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to make some pastrami using this method tomorrow.  Question about soaking the corned beef over night ... the label shows it has 0.84% by weight of salt, do you typically season less than that?  I usually target 1% or slightly more and the...
  2. dstar26t

    Red oak

    Red Oak works great for brisket.  Not too strong for a long cook.  I like it seasoned for at least 6 months after splitting, up to a year.  After a year, it burns up too fast and you have to feed the fire more often.  Too fresh and it smokes and doesn't get hot enough unless you build a bigger...
  3. dstar26t

    Pork Shanks...underrated?

    Haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been cooking, curing, stuffing and smoking things!  Just nothing out of the ordinary really except for some Reuben sausages but I didn't take any good pictures of them unfortunately. Figured I'd share this cook since when searching I...
  4. Offset at Blue Rocks.JPG

    Offset at Blue Rocks.JPG

  5. Pork Shanks just on.JPG

    Pork Shanks just on.JPG

  6. Pork Shanks half eaten.jpg

    Pork Shanks half eaten.jpg

  7. Pork Shanks half done.jpg

    Pork Shanks half done.jpg

  8. Pork Shanks foiled.jpg

    Pork Shanks foiled.jpg

  9. Pork Shanks

    Pork Shanks

  10. dstar26t

    I keep trimming more and more of the fat cap off of pork butts...

    I've been trimming the fat to get more rub on the meat.  Also, last time I cut the butt in half for more smoke and less time...worked great.
  11. dstar26t

    Alberta Disaster

    Wow, very sorry to hear this.  I've been to Ft. McMurray and know how isolated it is.  Best of luck to you all and I hope something can be done, soon.
  12. dstar26t

    Veal leg for easter

    This is certainly on my to do list, thanks for the inspiration!  Sounds really great.
  13. dstar26t

    Veal leg for easter

    So you pulled it like a pork shoulder and made sandwiches?  Wondering how it was served.
  14. dstar26t

    Veal leg for easter

    That looks great...what's it like?  Is fall off the bone the way it's done like pulled pork?
  15. dstar26t

    What to do when you are waiting for a 15 lb brisket

    Last time was: beer > peanuts > inside-out pizza > kielbasa > coffee > bourbon > pretzels > beer > coffee > bacon > bourbon > beer
  16. dstar26t

    Classic Brisket

    This is the secret for the best brisket every time I think.  It totally relaxes during the rest and I think 4 hours would have produced the same product if not less time.  It was still steaming when I sliced.  Butcher paper tight around the brisket with plastic wrap around that and then towels...
  17. dstar26t

    Classic Brisket

    I will let the pictures speak for themselves mostly.  16 lb packer trimmed to 14 lbs.  1% w/w kosher salt on the surface for 24 hours.  19 hours of 6 month seasoned red oak (a lot of it) until probe tender.  6 hour rest in a cooler (while I cooked 4 racks of maple brine cured pork ribs).  Best...
  18. photo 10.JPG

    photo 10.JPG

  19. photo 9.JPG

    photo 9.JPG

  20. photo 8.JPG

    photo 8.JPG

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