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  1. wayneboian

    Can you brine Pork to long

    Brine ratio was 1/4 cup of salt and 1/4 cup of brown sugar  with Famous Dave's rub added in to 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of water. There was only 5 one inch chops in the brine. Tonight (Friday) is the rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow is the wedding in a barn in Georgetown, KY( horse country). I guess that is...
  2. wayneboian

    Can you brine Pork to long

    Wednesday I had some pork loin cut 1 inch thick into chops. Put them into a simple salt and sugar brine and put them in the fringe. A few hours later the wife and kids changed plans and me and we went out start partying for my son's wedding this weekend. Now it looks like we wont be able to...
  3. wayneboian

    When are jalapeno's ready to pick?

    Thanks everone for your help. That is what makes this forum so good. Wayne
  4. wayneboian

    When are jalapeno's ready to pick?

    I have never grown  jalapeno's    so how do you know when they are ready to pick? Also if you let them stay on the plant until they turn red, do they lose any of their heat. Thanks
  5. wayneboian

    Dry Aged Ribeye Loin

    Sounds interesting. Could someone explain the process and what keeps it from spoiling. I have heard people talk about aged beef, but know nothing about the process of how to do it. Thanks Wayne in Ky
  6. wayneboian

    Burning wood chunks

    I prefer to drink the beer. ; )
  7. wayneboian

    Smoked Chicken w/ Q-View

    Steve, It looks so good that I am going to try that tomorrow. A local store has chicken legs on sale for $0.69 so I picked up a bunch for tomorrow. So about how long did you smoke your chicken pieces and at what temp? I have done whole chickens before but never just legs by them selves. Thanks...
  8. wayneboian

    Need A Meat Slicer?

    I talked with the guy at the local Kroger store about the one they use, it is a different brand, and he said that it came with a blade sharperner that would sharpen the blade on the machine. You might ask if that one comes with a sharpener.
  9. wayneboian

    Need A Meat Slicer?

    Got interested in a slicer after reading this post. Read some reviews on different slicers on amazon.com and it appears that some are very diffecult to clean. The Chefs Choice 610 got some good reviews and they said it was easy to clean. Some people said they did not use their brand / model as...
  10. wayneboian

    Grow your own meat

    In the link they say: by heating pre-mixed food packets containing animal muscle cells, oxygen, and nutrients. They also said "create 100 per cent pure meat without the need for animals to be killed and with no risk of contamination. Read more at...
  11. wayneboian

    IMG test

    timy butts Could not go wrond with that price
  12. wayneboian

    Content Approval Before Being Posted?

    I am glad that they keep the selling v-i-a-g-r-a ads out. I use the low and slow method of cooking to soften my meat so I have do use for ads to stiffen my meat. ; )
  13. wayneboian

    Perfect Flame Close out

    I purchased one from Lowes about a month ago and like it a lot better then the modified ECB that I have.
  14. wayneboian

    Ginger Teriyaki Marinated Chicken (Q-View)

    Bigtrain74, Saw your post and it looks so good that I am going to try it Friday night. Did you use a rub on the bird? I am not sure what type of rub to use that would go along with the Ginger Teriyake Marinade. Any suggestions Thanks
  15. wayneboian

    3 different flavors CB in cure today

    Sorry, but I am a newbe. What is TQ?
  16. wayneboian

    First Pork Ribs and more

    Here is my new smoker and what was added after the ribs. I got lucky and the Maverick ET73 that I ordered came in the mail today so I am using it now to monitor the smoker while I type this.
  17. wayneboian

    First Pork Ribs and more

    Just threw on a rack of pork ribs that had been in the rig over night covered with apple butter. This will be my first attempt with ribs and also using my new Perfect Flame vertical smoker. My old smoker was an ECB. Plan on smoking with apple wood for 6 hours @ 225 and pull off at 170. Since I...
  18. wayneboian

    bar top caoting?

    Poly in not UV resistant. You would be better off with a Varnish if you can find it. A marine Spar varnish is also a good choise. The stuff they sell in HD is not a real Spar Varnish, just marketing BS. Read the label, it is a urathane varnish. But it would last longer than a straight poly.
  19. wayneboian

    Need a Digital Cooking Thermometer

    Thanks guys for all the advise. I went by WalMart today to see what they had and did not find what I was looking for. Thanks for the post on where to order online, I will do so and order some extra probes. That was good advise as well. Now all I have to do is wait...... I hate waiting. Wayne
  20. wayneboian

    Need a Digital Cooking Thermometer

    Had a Chaney Instruments Acurite Model 648SB thermometer and left it out in the rain. My fault (to much beer). Pitched the unit, Keep the probe and purchased a second unit. Second unit worked fine for a while then the probe failed and changed to my backup probe. After some more use the backup...
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