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  1. aussiemick

    Todays smoke

    Well today I will be smoking a brisket and a butt. Haven't been on here in awhile due to major changes in my life. Started going to college and got promotion at work..woohoo I am now a Deputy for the Sheriff's Office, so my life revolves around school and sleep. Nice to relax and inhale the...
  2. aussiemick

    My latest smoke

    It's abit late but here are couple of pics from my last smoke. WIch I couldve got more but haven't trained the wife yet..lol WIll have her trained to get more pics next time. Mick
  3. aussiemick

    Just dropping in

    Hey all, Just dropping in to say hi while i get ready to smoke ribs and jalepenos etc tomorrow..weather permitting. I am trying to drop by more often than i have been lately. Mick
  4. aussiemick

    I'M Back

    Well after an absence I am back. Had some stuff going on in R/L then being short staffed at work so been busy. But glad to be back. Mick
  5. aussiemick


    I get to finally smoke somthing this monday night. Monday night is my friday night so I am getting the smoker out and finally get to smoke a brisket. First time in months I have smoked anything.lol Mick
  6. aussiemick


    Anyone in Oklahoma know where I can get a couple of empty 55 gallon food gradesdrums from. Thanks, Mick
  7. aussiemick

    KCBS Cooking Class

    Anyone going to the Cooking Class in Tulsa on june 6? I am thinking about going. I have a smoker that isnt too good and if someone here is going if possible we could team up etc? They do the class in pairs. I have the app form if your interested. Shoot me an email or pm here. Mick
  8. aussiemick

    I'm Back

    Well my CLEET school is nearly over and now I can be back on the forums again and chatting.For those that dont know its what you need in oklahoma to be a police officer. Havent smoked much meat since I have been busy with school and looking for houses etc. Mick
  9. aussiemick

    Bacon Wrapped Smokies & Dipping Sauce

    Well the ex wife made these today and they rock. She had to hide them from me so others could have some. The recipe she got from allrecipes.com INGREDIENTS 1 pound sliced bacon, cut into thirds1 (14 ounce) package beef cocktail wieners3/4 cup brown sugar, or to tasteDIRECTIONSPreheat the oven...
  10. aussiemick

    My weekend

    Here is the 16.25 brisket I plan to do tomorrow...Weather permitting and again another rubbed and ready to go. I will inject it tomorrow as I left the kit at other house
  11. aussiemick

    Any Okies Know

    I am interestedin making a drum smoker. Just wondering if anyone from ok/mo know where you can get 55 gallon drums from that are reasonably priced...prefer food grade if possible. Mick
  12. aussiemick

    Todays Smoke

    Well on my day off i decided to smoke the 13lb brisket How ready to trim and again Now it resting with rub onit and injected with Tony Chachere creole seasoning Now I decided to try a fattie again and al i put in this was moz cheese and pepperoni Yay it didnt end up NASA certified More...
  13. aussiemick

    For Okie Members

    Not sure if any of you know this but it seems a new meat place has opened up in Tulsa Its called Harvard Meats. There are no prices onit but they have coupons for 10% etc The link is http://www.harvardmeats.com/index.html Mods if link is not allowed for meat place i apologise and will be removed...
  14. aussiemick

    My first fattie attempt

    Well i attempted my first fattie today.well the results were bad. i went south in the making process and ended up in tash
  15. aussiemick


    Well in a couple of weeks I am going to be in branson for afew days and was wondering where are decent places to eat round there. Prefer BBQ but open to ideas, also coming in from oklahoma any good bbq supply places on the route. Thanks in advance. Mick
  16. aussiemick

    My first Attempt at Brisket

    Well today I tried my first brisket. Here it is straight from the packet and other side Now after the smoke Overall I am happy with the results for my first try at it. I also injected it with creole butter Mick
  17. aussiemick

    Well my day today

    Today my day consists of smoking 2 whole chickens beer can style and my first attempt at abt's and have some wings to do also.. I plan to do the wings and abt's on the grill.Since this is my first attempt at them is that passable? Mick
  18. aussiemick

    This weeks smoke

    Since I am off this week I plan to smoke some whole chickens and maybe some other stuff. Any hints on how I should do it? Mick
  19. aussiemick

    Here is my next smoke

    and now with rub on
  20. aussiemick


    Just curious who here has a facebook page. I do and recently joined a smoking meat group on there and saw DonO on there Mick
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