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  1. joes bbq ribs

    Finally getting started on my UDS build.

    Afternoon smokingmeatforums memebrrs! Finally getting around to start on my UDS smoker build. I picked up this 55 gallon drum about 8 weeks ago and haven't had the time to start this project well today is the day I finally get started on the UDS smoker. 128077127996 Over all length is...
  2. joes bbq ribs

    First time Smokin Tri-tips

    Smokin meat family its been a couple weeks since I posted any cooks, over the weekend I smoked a couple Tri-tips for the first time. Quick break down the Tri-tips weighted almost 3lbs a piece did the basic trimmed down the hard fat that wouldn't render down along with most of the silver skin...
  3. joes bbq ribs

    Smoking some Baby Back Ribs today Sunday Funday

    G/M smoking meat family! Today I'm going to be smoking some Baby Back Ribs for Sunday Funday Football. I pulled the membrane off the back of the ribs, cleaned and dried the ribs off. Going to use some yellow mustard instead of OVO as a base for the dry rub. Not sure if anyone has tried the...
  4. joes bbq ribs

    Smoking 12lbs of wings today!

    Okay smoking meat friends today I'm going to smoke about 12lbs of wings, I have always did my wings in the deep fryer but, why not smoke them I have been smokin all my other meats :yahoo:! Anyway I cleaned the wings off and cut into 2-parts removing the wing part just makes more room...
  5. joes bbq ribs

    Smoking a Whole Beef Brisket today

    Good Morning Smoking Meat Lovers! It's about 4:30am out here in Phoenix, Arizona today I'm going to smoke a whole Beef Brisket. Just finished firing up my Horizon Smoker pit waiting for the temps to level out and hold around 250 degrees then I'll get the Beef Brisket on the smoker. The Beef...
  6. joes bbq ribs

    Smoked Boston Pork Butt 8 hr smoke.

    Okay today I smoked and 8lb Boston Pork Butt. Smoked the pork butt until the fat split then I wrapped it aluminum foil for until the internal temperature got to 190-195° Then I wrapped it a beach towel and placed it in a cooler for 45 mins. I had the smoker holding a temp between 225-270...
  7. joes bbq ribs

    Smokin some BBQ spare ribs

    Afternoon to all my Smokin friends. Smoked a rack of spare ribs today and just wanted to share some pictures of today's smoke :grilling_smilie: did the minion method along with a couple chucks of cherry wood. Kept my temps between 225-250 did the basic smoke nothing special. Only thing I did...
  8. joes bbq ribs

    Second smoke testing my new Maverick ET-733 thermometer set

    Afternoon fellow smokers this is my second smoke on my Horizon 20" Classic. Testing the new Maverick ET–733 thermometer set. It appears that my 3 inch Tel-True thermometer that I have on my smoker is within the same temperature of the Maverick ET–733. Smoking a couple racks of a St. Louis...
  9. joes bbq ribs

    First smoke on my Horizon Classic Smoker.

    Hello new to the site as you can see, "Newbie" name is Joe from Peoria, AZ the sunshine state! This is my first smoke of my Horizon Classic. I bought this smoker from a older guy that only used 6 times. He had it posted as a Horizon 16" Classic for 6 bills. After I picked it up and got the...
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