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  1. jak757

    Mortadella: 'Fancy' Italian Bologna

    Bravo!  This is really outstanding!
  2. jak757

    First Sauerkraut

    you will love it, Joel.  I made sour pickles this year from the same site.  Then I made kraut...awesome.  I'm ready for another batch, this time will be using purple cabbage.  I eat it "raw".  fantastic!   Also on my second batch of kimchi.  there is something addictive about fermented foods!
  3. jak757

    Help...MES40 Puffing Flames!

    Do you have chips in the loader?  maybe overloaded? I've only used my amnps in mine, so I'm not sure jj. Good luck Chef!!
  4. jak757

    Sausage , sausage and some more with alotof Q-view.

    Looks good to me too!  Nice job Mark.
  5. jak757

    A Goodbye to a true Buddy!

    Mark -- we are so sorry to hear about your loss.  I know how much losing your dog can hurt -- they are our family too.  As I read your post I told Nancy, and showed her the pictures.  She remembered your dogs from when we stopped by.  So does Eryn, our daughter.  We got a black lab mix puppy in...
  6. jak757

    Sausage Stuffer from Northern Tool

    Bob -- I just got one too!  Looking forward to using it soon -- hopefully this weekend.
  7. jak757

    Pastrami from scratch, lots of Q-view!

    Love it Al.....makes my mouth water.  And makes me wonder when I'll make my own....soon!
  8. jak757

    Another new Buckeye!

    Welcome Steve -- great to have another Buckeye on board!  Got a few folks very close to you.  
  9. jak757

    So There

    How awesome!  I'm looking for a decent priced one to use as a curing chamber.  You got it at one heck of a price!!  Good for you!!!!
  10. jak757

    Merry Christmas to our newest OTBS Members

    A very well deserving group.  You have each contributed more to me (and others) than you may know.  Congrats!
  11. jak757

    Carne de Res Kalimotxo

    Always enjoy your posts -- this one, like so many others, looks incredibly good.  Nothing like a wonderfully braised beef dish. Thanks for another great post.
  12. jak757

    Vinegar anyone?

    Good start!  I'm looking forward to this as well.
  13. jak757

    Hot Corner In Masterbuilt Electric?

    I heard about that before I bought my MES, and put a tile in place the first day I brought it home,  Haven't noticed any problems at all.  Like Capt said, its so easy to fix, its not a problem at all.
  14. jak757

    Botched Bologna with DanView

    Looks super to me too!   Dangit....my list keep getting longer and longer......
  15. jak757

    What do I have here?

    Kind of looks like it could be a piece of brisket trimmed from a full one.  Is that discoloration above the label and to the left just in the photo, or is that what the meat looks like?  I'm not crazy about that..... 
  16. jak757

    Buying Rib Roast, then freezing it?

    Hbark -- I'd go with JJ's suggestion.  He gave me some pointers on dry aging a rib roast, and I cooked one last Sunday, after 7 days of dry aging.  It was my test run before doing it the first time for Christmas.  Man oh man was it good!  That evening I started dry aging a really fine rib roast...
  17. jak757

    Somewhere to get spices

    I love Penzeys!  There are two stores in the Cleveland area, about 20-30 minutes from me.  When I go there it's like a kid in a candy store.  Get on their mailing list and you will get catalogs along with coupons for free spices (typically a special blend).  They are smart...I go in with my...
  18. jak757

    Dry Curing Through The Eyes Of A Newbie (Updated 2/20/12)

    Bravo Joel!  Please keep posting your efforts with this.  One of my new years goals is to do build a curing chamber, and get started. This should be s sticky or a wiki, or something! Thanks Joel.
  19. jak757

    Best slicer for under $100

    Check Craig's list.  That's what I did and got a very nice one, still in the box, for $40.
  20. jak757

    attempt at roast beef for sammiches

    Looks real good...no slicer...no problem!
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