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  1. greendrake

    Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf...OMG

    So my son wanted cheeseburgers and my wife wanted meatloaf...okie dokie, I can do this. 1lb lean beef 1.5lb ground chuck 1lb cooked crumbled bacon 1/2 lb shredded cheese 1 cup bread crumbs 2 eggs any seasonings you like, mix all this up and add a half cup of the mustard ketchup mix...
  2. greendrake

    The Greek Fratty

    Not sure if I posted it here yet but I wanted to share with you guys, easy easy easy....and will knock your socks off.  2lbs ground lamb - put in ziploc and flatten out, cut away bag One container feta, roll into log 1lb bacon weave, season and wrap around lamb log Season and wrap in saran...
  3. greendrake

    North Idaho's first comp...Father's Day weekend.

    My first fun run at a competition, should be a blast.  www.smokinidaho.info
  4. greendrake

    Comp chicken testing...we think we have a winner

    Here's a few pics of the chicken we have agreed on for our upcoming first competition.  Best we have ever tasted, have times and temps perfect, skin lightly crisped, juicy and amazing.  I am thinking we have a good chance with this one.
  5. greendrake

    Q's for my first fatties this weekend

    Hey guys, I have searched through this section looking for ideas for the Fatties, I get that I have to put the meat in a plastic bag to more readily flatten it out to roll up, so here is what I am thinking of doing for tomorrow. 1 2lb ground chuck fattie with pickle, onion and cheese (I may get...
  6. greendrake

    WHA BAM!!!! with QVIEW

    Lookie what I put on the smoker last night.
  7. greendrake

    Smoked Roma tomatoes?

    My cousin works for a food distributor and just dropped off a flat of roma tomatoes for me to smoke up. Anyone ever smoke maters? I figure I could quarter them, take out the innards and smoke them until just about dry or do I dry them out altogether?
  8. greendrake

    Smoked carnitas

    Yeah I know, tradition schmadition, I have done it before and I will do it again. Question for you fellas on seasoning some pulled pork for just simply adding a heaping pile of pico on a big tortilla. What seasoning would you use to spice up the pork after is was pulled? I did this last year...
  9. greendrake

    North Idaho competition this summer

    Father's day weekend, over 20 teams already in from Utah, Montana, Idaho and Washington...going to be the first one ever here. Sanctioned by the PNWBBQ Assn. Check it out. www.smokinidaho.info
  10. greendrake

    Skirt steak sammiches with Q View

    Epic, purely epic. Did one early with more smoke for giggles, but I did a mushroom pesto spread with fresh tomatoes and some vinegar and these two day marinated skirt steaks that have been sitting in lime, cilantro and olive oil. WOW what a fantastic way to enjoy skirt steaks.
  11. greendrake

    Anyone try chicken or turkey balls?

    Thinking of trying to do some this weekend. No, not what your brain took you to...I want to do up some ground turkey or chicken and smoke em, sauce em, etc. What sauces or recipes have you guys tried?
  12. greendrake

    New Year's Balls

    Had to do it after seeing a couple other posts on them, garlic onion meatballs, been smoking 2 hours, just popped up to 225 to finish, then into the grape jelly/spicy chili sauce for a nice hot bath. Here's the first couple of shots.
  13. greendrake

    What's on the grill today fellas?

    Since my brain surgery last week (I have downtime to kill while recovering) I have been smoking up everything I can get my hands on, doing some for my cousin's catering, doing some for neighbors, and some for myself. Did Turkey, Steelhead and delicious sliders yesterday....now it's not even 4am...
  14. greendrake

    Basic brisket/pastrami advice needed

    Ok, so I did do the search function and found stuff all over the place but nothing as basic as i guess I am looking for. I have a nice 6lb brisket that I want to make pastrami with for this weekend. What I am looking for is this? Do I need to wet brine overnight with TQ? What is the smoke...
  15. greendrake

    Shipping smoked salmon help needed

    Just a quick question fellas, I imagine it's no big deal at all to just ship it down as is after vacuum sealing it up but my Mom wanted me to send down some smoked salmon for the holidays for her to enjoy and I just finished smoking it up beautifully with a nice brown sugar glaze on it. It is...
  16. greendrake

    Wireless meat thermometers...suggestions

    Looking for the top of the shelf here, what do you guys recommend for wireless thermometers? I love the concept and I am a gadget head so what are the top brands for remote thermometers? Thanks fellas.
  17. greendrake

    Hello from Idaho

    Just was referred over to this site, (stands up) My name's Greg and I have a smoking problem"" Hi gang, can't wait to learn some good stuff here. I am an avid smoker/bbq guy, at home I have a Cookshack and three Traegers, a Junior, Lil Tex and Texas. I can't seem to stop bbqing. Looking...
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