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  1. smokinstevo27

    My BBQ partner is born!

    We welcomed Wyatt Banner Hailey to the world July 21, 2011 at 1:16 AM. He weighed in at 8 lbs 10 oz. He is going to be my barbecue partner and a great son! Here he is!
  2. smokinstevo27

    Rat removal (Anyone have any in depth knowledge?)

    I saw a rat in my backyard this morning the size of Mickey F. Mouse. I've done a little research but was wondering if anyone here had any pro tips. I think he may have come from the basement but maybe hes living outside. I bought a Tomcat heavy duty rat trap and have it out and baited now. The...
  3. smokinstevo27

    The no reason at all butts

    As Forest would say...I JUST FELT LIKE SMOKING! Smoking up a couple 8 lb bone ins for pulled pork. I'll munch on it through out the week and give some away. They are at around 150 degrees right now after 4 hrs. More pics to follow if I don't fall asleep.
  4. smokinstevo27

    SAMS CLUB 2 PACK PICS (For newbies who think they've bought one huge butt)

    Very often I come across a post from someone new to cue here who thinks they have bought a 16 lb pork butt. Someone always comes along and tells them that "no, you bought two cryopacked butts" haha. Anyway I picked up a two pack yesterday to smoke tommorrow and just thought I'd put up pics of...
  5. smokinstevo27

    Sweet Baby Rays Honey chipotle breasts w Qview

    Harris Teeter had buy on get one SBR varieties bogo so I picked up the honey chipotle and original. I brined the chicken breasts in salt, sugar, pepper, chili flakes, minced garlic and chipotle powder for around 6 hours. I grilled them and basted with sauce while cooking. I also threw on some...
  6. smokinstevo27

    bleu cheese ribeyes, loaded baked and roasted brocoli QVIEW

    Well it officially feels like summer in Winston Salem North Cackalacky! Its time to cut this hippie mop hairdo I've got going on, I just sweated my (fill in the blank) off!  The rib eyes were Angus choice and about an inch thick. Coated in a mix of super prudish olive oil and butter before...
  7. smokinstevo27

    Premier Question

     I'm interested in becoming a premier member but I have a concern before I go ahead. The last few weeks this site has run incredibly slow for me, to the point of irritation. I know that you browse ad free with premier and my question is this. Is it the ads that are slowing it down? Its not my...
  8. smokinstevo27

    SMF tag team for graduation party QView(Update)

    Andrew82 and myself are smoking up a feast for our buddy's graduation party tomorrow! I'm doing some smoked chicken salad sandwches and Andrew82 is going to do pulled pork. I've got the chickens going now and it smells incredible outside. They are both right around five pounds so we'll see how...
  9. smokinstevo27

    Apple and Cherry smoked Boston Butt QVIEW!

     Harris Teeter had butts on sale for 99 cents a pound last week. Needless to say, Stevo was on that! I bought an eight pound bone in butt for eight bucks. Also Home Depot had apple and cherry chunks on sale and I've never used that combo on a butt before so I had to try it. I usually use hickory...
  10. smokinstevo27

    Chicco Baby Fly in ad

    There is some pop up ad for Chicco Baby something or other that keeps popping up and is very hard to get rid of, anyone else experiencing this? Its at the top of my screen.  I think it may have something to do with google or Facebook too because I just got married and have a child on the way and...
  11. smokinstevo27

    Stevo has a Mrs. Stevo

    Hey yall, I've been insanely busy the last month trying to get things together so I haven't been around much. I thought some of you might like to see these pics.
  12. smokinstevo27

    Lorena Bobbit( R rated)

    Remember Lorena? Apparently she is alive and well, living in eastern europe under the alias Lorena Cutchakokov.
  13. smokinstevo27

    accidental sauce

    I was trying to duplicate Japanese steak house white sauce last night. We were making chicken stir fry. I wasn't pleased with how it tatsed so I went rogue. Its not really like the white sauce but it was damn good. I thought I would share it. I was dipping pretzels in it all night. I bet it...
  14. smokinstevo27


    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/102305/new#post_580919   I'm having a hard time creating a link, disregard this post
  15. smokinstevo27

    Command Performance

     My fiancee is a high school dance teacher. Back in October I cooked six butts for a dance concert they had. We got to watch a great performance and then the kids, parents, family etc all sat together and had dinner. It was a great time. Anyway we had leftovers because I don't believe in having...
  16. smokinstevo27

    One more Stufz Lover w/qview of course

    Same old dog learned a new trick. This is my favorite burger recipe done stufz style. Spicy bacon cheeseburgers with bacon, muenster cheese and mushrooms. I seasoned the meat with sea salt, CBP, garlic powder, ground cayenne, chili flakes, hot sauce and lea and perrin's worsteschire sauce with...
  17. smokinstevo27

    Snow Bird Q View

    Nothing special but I had to do a smoke in the snow. Justa BCC, fries and a green bean casserole. Everybody said I was silly for cookin in this weather but this is for you guys and gals! Nothin special just a whole bird, hickory, apple and cherry. Pulled and served on buns with green bean...
  18. smokinstevo27

    Southwest night before christmas

    Last week I recieved a care package from Scarbelly. Gary sent me a box of avocados from his hometown which happens to be a mecca of avocado growers. WIth guacamole being the primary dish I wanted to use them for, I decided to do a meal with some southwest style. I hoped I did the area...
  19. smokinstevo27

    craigslist makes me mad

    I've been looking for a used weber smokey mountain cooker high and low and twice now I've thought I found one only to realize the seller was a liar. The first guy had an email conversation with me and assured me he had what I wanted after I asked him detailed questions. I drove almost an hour...
  20. smokinstevo27

    Avacados and home roasted coffee beans courtesy of Scarbelly

    I got a nice gift in the mail yesterday from Gary. Gary lives in the Avacado growing capital of the world and I had mentioned to him I'd like to try some. He also roasts his own coffee beans so he sent me a vacum pack of those. I in return sent him some carolina style bbq sauces from my neck of...
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