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  1. dirtyruss

    Central Texas style elk and wild sow

    Combined an elk I took a few months ago with a fresh wild sow at 50/50 and oh my it came out beautifully.
  2. dirtyruss

    First pork shoulder

    So I shot a big wild sow a few months ago and finally got around to smoking one of the shoulders. This is the first time smoking a pork shoulder and I am very happy with the end product. I also smoked some cabbage and onions, and even smoked tomato sauce to turn into a smoked paste for my bbq...
  3. dirtyruss

    Texas pastrami

    So I have made corned beef in the past a couple times and love the quality and control of the end product. So the other week I got it in me to commit to taking it further and smoking after the brine ti create pastrami. I was astonished at the result and highly recommend trying this.
  4. dirtyruss

    First smoked turkey

    Alrighty, it's 5:30am time to get her fired up for her first turkey.
  5. dirtyruss

    Successful hunt, now suggestions please

    Took a cow elk and a big sow...looking for suggestions on awesome ways to use the 800 plus lbs of meat I have in the freezer now.
  6. dirtyruss

    Smoked meatloaf log

    So I had intentions of just some burgers, instead I made a meatloaf into a large log and smoked it to perfection for easy slicing for hamburger buns!
  7. dirtyruss

    First brisket on the new rig!

    Alrighty, she's preheated and ready to go, 10lb brisket here we go!
  8. dirtyruss

    Long time reader, now a member!

    Howdy all, been grilling and smoking on my little Webber kettle for the past 12 years and finally upgaded to a Pitts and Spitts Ultimate grill and smoker combo so I suppose you could say it just got real, lol. I've always come to read here on advise and techniques so I'm excited to join the...
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