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  1. gary sampson

    PID controller or Non PID controller

    I have built a great many temp controllers for smokers, sous vide rigs, heat / cool brewing units, refrigeration units, what have you and I can assure you that I have never seen an actual PID unit that wasn't built in China. Maybe the controller was built locally, but not the basic electronics...
  2. gary sampson

    When is it too cold for a pellet smoker??? Or never

    Ummm, Louisiana grills (Pit Boss, too) are made by Danson's, which is a Canadian company. Two Canadian girls invented them, Louissy and Anna. .....LOL. :emoji_laughing: OK, that part's BS, but they are a Canadian company.
  3. gary sampson

    Small brisket flat questions

    Time means nothing....temperature is what counts. It could be 1 hour per pound or 2 or whatever, doesn't matter. Cook to 160° or so, foil and then to 200° or so and rest. It may take 4 hours or it may take 10 hours, but you can't cook low and slow with a timer.
  4. gary sampson

    Wine Barrel cold smoker with smoke daddy uds pellet mod?

    I was simply replying to your first post where you stated that a hot smoker would dry out and need filling with water periodically. In all actuality a cold smoker would "dry out" almost as fast as a hot smoker because of the lack of humidity in the smoke/air. Water pans have nothing to do with...
  5. gary sampson

    Wine Barrel cold smoker with smoke daddy uds pellet mod?

    Not an expert on wooden barrel smokers, but it seems to me that using a water pan when smoking (which I always do and get great results!) should keep the barrel a bit more moist and swollen. From what I've read, as well, the drying out issue is mainly in the lid, which shouldn't be too much of a...
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