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  1. OldSmoke

    Cabinet Style Cleaning Idea

    It's kind of a silly idea. I finished cutting in a butterfly vent in the side of my cabinet and was cleaning out the metal chips when I thought of it. The inside is hard to clean and a pain. So I lined it with aluminum foil, and held the foil in place with small button magnets. Since the cabinet...
  2. OldSmoke

    Cheese and Salmon

    This is my first try smoking cheese, and second smoking salmon. The cheese is seven days old. I did sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and cheddar jack. This was a test to see how it is doing, plus the first taste. It is really great. It will benefit from additional aging and be fantastic. The salmon...
  3. OldSmoke

    First Cheese

    The weather cooled down so I made my first attempt at cold smoking cheese. I put in some Tillamook sharp cheddar, colby jack, and pepper jack. I smoked it at 65 degrees for three hours over apple. My latest modification to the smoker has resulted in great smoke control and air movement in the...
  4. OldSmoke

    BBQ and Old Friends

    On likely our last dry day of the year, I invited three old friends over for a socially distant dinner on the patio. The menu included babyback, ham, chicken, and a last minute test of brats on the smoker. There is nothing that causes you to learn and fix mistakes faster than when you have...
  5. OldSmoke

    BBQ Sauce Ratios?

    Since I am new at this, what is the appropriate ratio; cook vs. sauce?
  6. OldSmoke

    Double Smoked Ham - Stalled Temp

    I just finished a 3.5 lb rum glazed half-ham using Jeff’s recipe. Smoking at 225-235 for almost five hours, it stalled at an internal temp of 114. The last double smoked ham I made was smoked at 275 and it finished nicely. This ham was very lean, almost no drippings. Since it was a ready to eat...
  7. OldSmoke

    Masterbuilt MPS 230s Modifications

    I am in the process of modifying my smoker to operate at lower smoking temps and to make the burner more wind resistant. We live at the west end of the Columbia Gorge and it gets pretty darned windy. I am attempting to build a dead air plenum. I’ll be adding screens to keep out the critters...
  8. OldSmoke

    Hi from Gresham Oregon!

    Hi! I am new to smoking. I bought a Mastertbuilt MPS 230S Propane Smoker on a good sale. I've wanted one for many years and the deal was good so it followed me home. I have had fun modifying it, and am still refining it. I started with smoked salmon and it came out great. Next up was chicken...
  9. OldSmoke

    First Twice-Smoked Ham

    Since the salmon and chicken thighs came out so well, my wife wanted to try a ham. I was able to find a nice 3lb ham at Costco. With just the two of us, and being the first try, I chose a small one. I am using a sweet rub I made and a brown sugar glaze. I don't have a real recipe, I’m kind of...
  10. OldSmoke

    First Smoke!

    Last night I did my very first smoke on my massaged MPS 230s. I followed Bear’s recipe for smoke salmon. I was challenged to maintain the low temps required. I discovered some variability in my ThermoPro thermometer, and a wide variety of temps in different positions in the cabinet. The top...
  11. OldSmoke

    First Fire!

    I just fired my new MPS230S for the first time. I’ve already made a lot of modifications. I added wheels, gaskets around the doors, a wok rack and cast iron pan, and a side table. I also sealed all of the fasteners and seams with hi-temp RTV. I am in the process of burning it off and seasoning...
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