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  1. navionjim

    Back on line!

    Howdy Everyone, Ike hit us pretty hard here in Kingwood TX. Finaly getting things back in shape and I've smoked or cured everything that I had in the freezer! Hope you all are doing well especialy allmy Texas friends. Got lots of bacon now and smoked four brisketsa and a bunch of pork loin and...
  2. navionjim

    Found a Free DuKane Grill!

    Not to get to far afield from smoking meat, but a good grill is nice to have too. I was on mt way home yesterday and a neighbor was loading some bug things at the end of his driveway for the trash service to pick up. I noticed he had a two burner DuKane Grill next to the trash and he was looking...
  3. navionjim

    Eat More Pickled Eggs!

    OK Folks! I think it was Texas Hunter who started this, so when my wife leaves me for good I can thank him for it! I had to do some pickled eggs after seeing his post, this is what I came up with based on my past experience with pickling egg in the Pacific Northwest style, this time winging it...
  4. navionjim

    Flaming Smoky Okie Brisket & Fatty.

    I did get to smoke over the weekend and planned to Q-view everything but my camera broke before I could get the finish shot! Actually just the LED screen broke and I could have taken the shot but I didn't realize it then! I got the before shots though and the flaming brisket you see is folded...
  5. navionjim

    Brisket and Butts on Sale in Texas

    For all of you with a Randell's, Kroger, or Heb in your area, and that would be anywhere in Texas. Check the add sheets for this week! I just Bought six nice soft and LEFT HANDED briskets from Randell's for .98 cents a pound. Then I saw Kroger's has them on sale for the same price too! I went...
  6. navionjim

    Left Handed Brisket?

    Somebody tell me again if its the left handed or right handed brisket that's more tender, and how you determine which is which. Remember this was the story about which leg a cow pits it's weight on when it gets up off the ground. I can't remember which it was and with the thick side of the...
  7. navionjim

    Broken Food Saver!

    Well hell, I was going to package up some bacon last night and found out my wife had dropped my food Saver and knocked off the gate. I fixed that easily but them found the heater element wouldn't heat enough to seal the bags any more! I bought this unit 13 years ago for $139 at Costco in Oregon...
  8. navionjim

    Fired it Up!

    I finally got my hands on this iron monstrosity! These photos were taken before I cleaned it up. Some unknown oil field pipe fitter welded this thing up some 15 odd years ago and it had been sitting in a friend's sister's yard for the last ten years unused. Free was a good price but hauling...
  9. navionjim

    Homemade Smoked Lunch Meat?

    I haven't seen Deejay Debbie around for a while (where the hell is she anyway) but she was doing great things with lunch meat a while back. She had some fancy caseins she used that I don't have, I was thinking of the netting / sockenett concept and just wondered if those Costco boneless skinless...
  10. navionjim

    EBay Item number: 130200337667

    The one and only.Item number: 130200337667 For the man with too much money...... Jimbo
  11. navionjim

    New Posts

    I have a question. I like to look at the site from my desk here at work, time permitting. When I first sign on I see several pages of new posts to look at. But if I leave the site and open it again later I only get a few new posts that were submitted in the interim. If I go to the search engine...
  12. navionjim

    Hanging Bacon

    This is a question for all the rest of you bacon makers. What is your preferred way to hang bacon for smoking? When I'm making "Butt Bacon", AKA "Buckboard Bacon" I've usually just set it on the racks. For "Belly Bacon" I've done the same when it was in small chunks, or hung it using a big...
  13. navionjim

    Dry Box Cured Bacon With Q View!

    I went by my local Carneacia on Saturday and asked in my broken Spanish if they had any pork bellies. They use them to make cicerones or “pork rinds†to you Yankees and “cracklins†to you Southern boys. If youâ€8482ve never had hot fresh Mexican fried pork fat with hot sauce, youâ€8482re...
  14. navionjim

    Custom Smokers, Drool Alert!

    This guy is right down the road from where I work. Off FM 1960 in Humble TX. The "Diesel Chrome Stacks" are directional and his personal signature piece. http://www.lonestarcustompits.com/index.html
  15. navionjim

    Free Smoker!

    Check this critter out! Our director of QC, a good buddy of mine just told me his sister has this smoker sitting behind her house. It was there when she moved in and it's been there for three years, she wants it gone. The steel is about 3/8' thick he said (see pictures) and he tells me this...
  16. navionjim

    Jim's Bacon Making Process For Walking Dude. Pt 1

    Jim’s Bacon Making Process, For The Walking Dude Part .1 The Walkin Dude asked me for my step by step procedure for homemade bacon, and seeing as how there are so many posts on bacon right now I thought I might just put this out for general consumption. I like this product and have tried to...
  17. navionjim

    Burnt Ends

    Hay Y'all, I've been smoking briskets for a while now and I'm way fond of Smokey Okie's method of searing. But in many post here I keep reading about "BURNT ENDS" but no mention that I can find as to exactly what they are. I'm sort of assuming its the thin fatty ends, cut off, maybe rubbed and...
  18. navionjim

    Remote Probe for Smoker Temp?

    I have several of these Oregon Scientific remote temp probes and I want to use two, one for the meat and one for the smoker temp. Can I just hang the probe in the smoker or should I stuff it in a spud or something? Also as I haven't taken more than one of them out of the package I hope they are...
  19. navionjim

    Hanging tenders, Rib Lifters?

    Many moons ago when I was in flight school in Moses Lake Washington I used to frequent a local butcher who would sell me a cut called a "hanging tender". He told me it was the hunk of cow that the hook went through when the half was hanging in the cold room. It had some pretty thick chord to it...
  20. navionjim

    HELP! A 22 Pound Turkey!!

    So my wife relented and asked me to smoke the turkey for this Thanksgiving! I thought a cured brined bird would be the way to go but I hadn't even looked at what she had brought home until last night. I was thinking something in the range of 12 pounds would be about right. But she had gone...
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