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  1. gavin16

    IDevice IGrill2 Thermometer

    Mal, I don't really have a specific spot I place the probe in the meat. I typically just try and put it near the center and/or the thickest part of the cut - to accurately measure the readiness of the cook. I also try to avoid getting the probe right up next to bone if there is any, as the...
  2. gavin16

    IDevice IGrill2 Thermometer

    Hello Mal! The igrill2 is very simple to use! Plug in probes, turn it on, pair to your igrill via bluetooth - and off you go! I use mine mostly to monitor temp range on my MES40 smoker. I started using the meat probes mainly for my large cuts of meat than anything, but they are very accurate...
  3. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    Thanks Mneeley! That is the nice part of my MES 40 and i grill 2. Next time I will start it at night on a  weekend so I can enjoy it when it is finished. :)  Tall, I agree on checking tenderness more before 200 degrees F. This one was pretty trim externally, minus a sliver I didn't trim...
  4. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    Thanks Tall!! It does indeed taste delicious! And yes, that is most likely what this meat shall go to.. I am not a fan of barbecue sauce after the first cook.  However, if it's reheated leftovers then it's acceptable imo.  I think next time I'll just pull/rest it at 195, I think this time it...
  5. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    Been waiting to cut in to this ole gal all day to find the results!  Brisket definitely was a lot fattier than I anticipated inside. Essentially turned into pulled brisket instead of sliced flat. I did try to get some ends cut on the point to make burnt ends down the road.  The fattier chunks...
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  9. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    Thanks Al!  At 11:30 pm briskey was about 194 degrees F.  I decided to leave it in with the smoker on for another hour, and let it rest in the MES40 for an additional 2 hours while I took a snooze. Woke up around 3 am and pulled it from the MES (Good thing I did, a big rain moved in an hour...
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  11. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    Thanks Tall! I really am kicking myself for not starting this up sooner... But alas, worst case she'll rest in the foil overnight in the smoker, and I'll cut it up after work tomorrow.  Decided to pull it at 153 degrees F because my pellets ran out and I don't want it to take all night.  First...
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  15. First FULL Brisket

    First FULL Brisket

  16. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    It's been a long while since I've posted on here... Don't worry, I'm still smoking away! My pics just don't get uploaded very timely.  So a few weeks ago our local Fareway had a sale of briskets for $2.99/lb!!   I've smoked several small flats that sometimes go on sale at Walmart, but I've...
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