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    13 pounds of venison, pork & beef Kielbasa

    Any chance of details on that smoker??
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    Smoked Polish Sausage Day.

    Looks nice. Final ground on an 1/8” plate?
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    ChileRelleno vs #OneChipChallenge

    Chile, you are a brave, and maybe slightly board man. Still I commend your efforts. I was raised Chicano in the south west. I love good Chile, and for it to be good, it must also be hot. It’s the deep, rich flavor though that keeps you digging a hole in you beans just so you can fill it with...
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    Which pellets leave less ash...????

    Any pellet made with alder wood as the main ingredient then add the flavor wood is going to be more ash. That said, GMG Gold, Lumber Jack, and Pellet Head along with Bear Mountain pellets, are all very high quality pellets. I’ve cooked extensively with all of these, and can say that I usually...
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    Cold smokers

    Just seal it up. Otherwise, A-Maze-N, pellet tubes or tray will make any enclosed space into a cold smoker using pellets.
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    FAIL: 17-pound brisket - what did I do wrong?

    Agreed Ray. Had a buddy the other day give me a whole sack of short ribs from a beef he just had processed. He said that nobody he knows will eat them. I graciously took the ribs, and told him I could figure out something to do with them. I’ll start with the first batch braised in red wine and...
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    Question on reverse flow smokers

    Pictures of the cooker and dimensions of everything would be most helpful in the diagnosis.
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    FAIL: 17-pound brisket - what did I do wrong?

    Most cows are right handed. Meaning they get up, using their right front leg first. Sooo, picking a left side brisket is key! Lol Seriously though, some meat is better than others. I think you have a combination of lower quality brisket coupled with over cooking. Most likely that meat should...
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    Finally created a profile after 10 years of lurking

    Welcome! What help are you looking for?
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    Correct cross grain slicing?

    You can also cut a small piece off (cross grain) the corner when prepping. Much easier to see the grain when raw. Then after cooked it’s easy to see the squared off corner and slice parallel.
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    Featured Fillet cheesesteak

    That’s a sanny fit for a King! Like for sure.
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    Pork Belly Question

    200* is hot smoking. And yes for a fresh pork belly that’s fine.
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    Pork Belly Question

    The whole point of curing first to to make the meat safe to cold smoke. At those low temps is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Hence the salt and cure#1 to kill bacteria and botulism.
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    Sausage Stuffer Experience with Small Batches

    I can’t imagine layering different batches would come out that way. They would mix. better idea is to catch the LEM #5 stuffer on sale. Perfect small stuffer for trying new recipes or for batches up to#15 or so.
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    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Wifi Sous vide Cookers

    Yup, I’m in. Thanks a bunch Inkbird.
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    Red chili powder

    For a close replacement to cayenne powder you should search out Chile de arbol in powder form. The two are cousins, with the de arbol being more of a pure Chile flavor, they both are very spicy. I make my andouille with Chile de arbol vs cayenne
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    Zuppa Toscana Soup

    Looks delicious!
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    Latest Ham.

    I have butchered many hogs here on farm with no problems. I was just responding with what USDA recommends for Tric, on pork. 30 days frozen.
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    Latest Ham.

    Internal temp of 145* is safe for store bought pork, or all commercially processed pork because the USDA requires the pork to be frozen for a minimum of 30 days. This is what ensures that Tric is killed, if present. However, pork that you hunt, or butcher on the farm, fresh, must either be...
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    Lining cold smoking smoke house

    I would just finish in a batt board style and be done.
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