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  1. Inscrutable

    Skinless Fried Chicken Thighs

    Curious Ray and Bear ... do you have the standard or XL ? And ever used the Rotisserie? Wonder if that really works decently, or just a cheap gimmick.
  2. Inscrutable

    Private Zoo Pics from The Bear Den

    Great pics, Bear. Great to see them just hanging out and not on pins and needles. We had deer eating all wife’s flowers, so we put up a trail cam in the backyard ... NADA ever since. Switched to the front yard where there USED to be flowers they ate ... NADA again BUT ... the next day wife saw...
  3. Inscrutable

    GIVEAWAY for Inkbird Bluetooth bbq thermometer with 4 probes IBT-4XS!!!!

    Thank you, please include me ... I do have one, but this would be a great enabler gift to daughter/son-in-law 😀
  4. Inscrutable

    Is there a best practice for running temperature probe lines?

    Isn’t that adjustable? I have two adjustable on the Pit Boss.
  5. Inscrutable

    If you only had one book on BBQ

    Like many of you I had too many unused cooking books. Thinned the herd to Jeff’s book, one by Steve Raichlen, one by James Beard, and a couple Emeril’s. But also like you, mostly This forum for smoking, and internet sites (Like ATK or certain chefs on Food Network, mostly Emeril, Alton Brown, or...
  6. Inscrutable

    Is there a best practice for running temperature probe lines?

    Thru the vents of my electric, laying on the seal of the BGE lid.
  7. Inscrutable

    Catfish Nuggets Part #2 (in My #360)

    Looks great. Love catfish any which way. Like. Have a bag of those I’ve had a while (the managing partner doesn’t like catfish), and you’ve inspired me to use it up soon ... Will be going for a more Cajun spice blend since she won’t eat it anyway.
  8. Inscrutable

    Potato and sausage soup.

    Thats my go-to soup when I’m dragged to the Olive Garden, but was always sure it could be made better ... think yours (and with some other comments) checks that box. Like!
  9. Inscrutable

    Shrimp Un-Wrapped in Bacon. (Bear’s New Easy way)

    Nice and easy. FYI, my daughter makes appetizers with those two ingredients plus a pineapple chunk on a toothpick. They go fast.
  10. Inscrutable

    Pit Boss Series 3

    I would (and have) get a good aftermarket multiprobe unit (Inkbird, ThermoWorks, etc) and check against the factory one. Also helpful to be able to place it nearer your actual cook grate(s) placement/position and into the Meat(s).
  11. Inscrutable

    Pit Boss Series 3

    I have the analog version, but same element. I cannot get mine to 325. And all these non-PID controllers are almost universally inaccurate and exhibit moderate (or more) temp swings.
  12. Inscrutable

    Pit Boss Series 3

    The latch mechanism can be adjusted to pull (center of) the door tighter, but if seal fully compressed in places and gaps in others, it has to be the door or the main body itself not true.
  13. Inscrutable

    Pit Boss Series 3

    I do, but haven’t had that issue. Sounds like the door itself may be bent/warped?
  14. Inscrutable

    Poll: Utensils for chili

    I use a spoon as I also add beans and often using ground meat ... but if all meat Texas style it’s thick and chunky so could definitely use a fork (and corn bread to sop up the sauce)
  15. Inscrutable

    New from NC

    Welcome from New Bern Think it’s also pretty easy to bypass that controller and wire in an Auber (or other) PID controller.
  16. Inscrutable

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    Just my interpretation of ‘low and slow’ being best, but found unnecessary on a butt.
  17. Inscrutable

    New Bern, NC

    Hi Agaffer ... We are also here in New Bern ... will start a conversation.
  18. Inscrutable

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    When I started out, I also ran down around 225 or so ... have found zero difference in cooking butts at 250-275, other than dramatically shorter cook times and no stall.
  19. Inscrutable

    Masterbuilt Gravity Feed

    I don’t think I saw you post what the pit temp Is/was you were maintaining? That stall is from evaporative cooling (the energy input is less than the offset of evaporation) ... bumping the energy input (pit temp) will power through the stall, and butts are forgiving enough to do that. Or you...
  20. Inscrutable

    Which Electric Smoker for Small Gatherings?

    low carb, yes ... but boy are you in the wrong place for low cal! :emoji_laughing: But enjoy that smoker! I often wish I’d sprung for a Smokin-It w/PID
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