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  1. gavin16

    First FULL Brisket

    It's been a long while since I've posted on here... Don't worry, I'm still smoking away! My pics just don't get uploaded very timely.  So a few weeks ago our local Fareway had a sale of briskets for $2.99/lb!!   I've smoked several small flats that sometimes go on sale at Walmart, but I've...
  2. gavin16

    Cold Smoke Reflections

    Afternoon Folks, I've been meaning to post some of my most recent smokes within the past few weeks ago, just seems like I always get distracted.  Today's forecast has called for -5oF, with a windchill down to a pleasant -33oF.  At least mother nature was gracious enough to give us a few inches...
  3. gavin16

    Mailbox Mod & Cold Smoke Season

    Well whether I like it or not the season of cold is around the corner.... at least cooler nights and shorter days.. :( So I figure after my first attempts at cold smoking cheese last winter in my MES 40, and with such popular demand for more (I never tried the product YET) it's time to step up...
  4. gavin16

    Pork Butt on the MES 40

    I got an itching to try a long cook in my new smoker, and what better way than some pulled pork?  Rubbed down with Jeff's rub and wrapped up overnight.   Pulled out of the fridge around 8:30 a.m. Started warming up the MES and unwrapped this 9# beauty.   Excited to try my new rib rack/roast...
  5. gavin16

    First Timer Cold Smoking Cheese

    Good Day Everyone! Saturday looks to be a great weekend (50 degrees!) out here in northwest Kansas, so I may try to take advantage of it before the blizzard moving in Sunday.  I'v been wanting to try cold smoking cheese for a long time, however i could never get good airflow in my old analog...
  6. gavin16

    MES 40 Inaugural Smoke

    I was not sure where the best place was to post this, as it's a cook and a review ha.  It's been a while since I've remembered to post on here.  It's been a few months since I've even cooked since moving to my new job.. Sadly.  But hopefully things will be turning around now that I have a new...
  7. gavin16

    5th of July Butt

    Hello Friends! Been a while since I've posted on here, but I can assure you it hasn't been that long since I've cooked. hehe Bought a pork butt to cook over the 4th but plans changed and I didn't get to cook it until the 5th.  Turned out to be a great day for it! Didn't take many pics this...
  8. gavin16

    Easter Brisket/Roast

    Happy Easter Sunday ya'll!!   It's been a while since I've posted on here, so figured I'd share my holiday cooking since it's such a beautiful day here.  Working on some of my favorite.. brisket with twice smoked taters! Well, I believe one cut is a brisky.. It is meat I brought from home that...
  9. gavin16

    OK Joe Highland Horizontal versus Brinkmann Trailmaster Vertical Offset Smokers

    Good Morning Everyone!  I come to the community today looking for advice on a new smoker.  For the past couple months I've been doing research on here and through the web on a charcoal smoker that is economically friendly to me.  I've narrowed it down to just 2 smokers, both are near the same...
  10. gavin16

    Experimental Baby Backs on NFL Sunday

    Good Day everyone!   Dillons has struck again with a great deal on my biggest weakness... ribbies! So why not grab a rack and have some fun! I decided to switch it up this weekend, and I've been eyeballing forluvofsmoke's blueberry rub for pork for a VERY long time now.. Found here...
  11. gavin16

    Labor Day Baby Backs Q-View

    Good Day fellow Smoking Fanatics!  It's a fine day on this 3 day weekend for some ribs, and I've been craving these babies for weeks! Here's the run down: Bought the tyson pack a week ago on sale at WalMart, 4.5 lbs.  Ran to the store this morning and luckily found them laying out MORE RIBS ON...
  12. gavin16

    Measuring Smoker Temp

    Good Morning!  So after buying my Cabelas remote thermometer, I'm kinda thinking I should've looked into a 2 probe or more thermometer, so I can keep track of both meat and smoker temps.  But for now, this will do.  I'll just keep track of one or the other!  Last night I was using my...
  13. gavin16

    Smoked Tilapia

    Something new and out of the blue.. water that is! While I've never really heard of this fish, mom had a bag in the freezer she insisted I smoke while home.  So here it goes!  2 hour brine with some kosher salt, brown sugar, pepper, touch of honey. Let it sit out and dry for a bit while I...
  14. gavin16

    MES Electric Cold Smoker Add On

    Hello everyone!  So after playing around with my new MES 30 this summer and reading on these forums, I've done some reading up on cold smoking, and considered adding a mailbox mod onto my MES some day.  Well, after talking with a pal from school, he also wants to add a cold smoke mod to his...
  15. gavin16

    Sirloin Roast N' Veges Q-View

    Last weekend in the middle of nowhere for my internship, thought I'd do something a bit more to wrap up my summer cooking (Before I go back to home/school & have to actually SHARE this stuff LOL).     Doing a simple rub, POG, plus hint of smoked paprika, dried mustard, white pepper.  I looked...
  16. gavin16

    1st Time Bottom Round Roast

    Had intended on a top round, but seeing how they weren't cut yet when I went into the local store, and the bottom was a few bucks cheaper, I opted to try it instead.  Either way, I am looking for some fine roast beef for the week.  Rubbed it with a base of mustard/Worcestershire sauce, then...
  17. gavin16

    Baby Back Ribs w/ Q-View

    Kind of a spur of the moment idea for my Saturday evening.  Couldn't decide on a round roast or this, so... I'm doing both!   Trying something different tonight.  Put on some mustard with the rub to see if I can get a smidgin more bark.  The only thing left is to decide on the wood.  I went...
  18. gavin16

    Spareribs & Potatoes

    Keeping it simple with some McCormick's sweet & smoky rub I found at WalMart, plus a little extra.  Applied rub around 8 this morning, just put them in the smoker now.  Might add the potatoes in an hour or two.  
  19. gavin16

    Looking for Ideas on a Pork Loin

    Hi everyone, I'm doing just a 2 pound loin this weekend, just kinda looking for something different to try.  Last time I did a rosemary/thyme cook - which was great.  Ultimately I may just toss a bunch of stuff together into a chili powder/bbq mix I did on a pork roast a couple weeks ago.  Just...
  20. gavin16

    Flat Side Brisket & Potatoes

    My 3rd brisket now, just a 2-3 pound one from the store.  I also decided to try potatoes for the first time.  Rubbed in EVOO & leftover rub of the brisket. Cut 3 lengthwise and 3 left whole, putting some cuts along them for the rub/oil to get into. Cook in progress.   Brisket at 3 1/2...
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