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  1. Inscrutable

    Freezing fatties before or after smoking/cooking?

    We are going to be spending some time at 3 different friends houses the next few weeks. I am going to make several varieties to bring (Italian, Mexican, seafood, Cheeseburger, breakfast, ...). One friend has a smoker, two do not but would have grills (and ovens of course). Some will use a bacon...
  2. Inscrutable

    This could be interesting

  3. Inscrutable

    Best ‘apparatus’ to use?

    So, being here in NC I have several months before I can make my maiden voyage with cold smoking. As you see in my sig I have an egg, electric cabinet, and 2 gas grills (the Vidalia has a unique design with burners on one side and air intake low there, and an empty ‘pan‘ on the right side for a...
  4. Inscrutable

    Pastrami rub recipe

    The couple recent pastrami threads triggered this. Seems black pepper, coriander, onion, and garlic is pretty universal and close to what many of you are applying. I found this recipe as ostensibly the Katz Deli (NYC) recipe. It adds a few ingredients I rarely see mentioned. I will list...
  5. Inscrutable

    Started badly, gotta finish better

    So I head out first thing to snag a few things at grocery, including a butt sale. But when we docked last night the river was REALLY high, so wanted to check our dock lines. Looked ok, but we are pulling the boat today. (Some demolition starting this week very close to the docks and will be a...
  6. Inscrutable

    July 4th menus?

    Jeff has the deep end covered in his post about tomorrow, so I‘m going to the shallow end :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So besides the weather - and hopefully nothing resulting from fireworks - what will be smoking at your house tomorrow? I have a rack of St Louies out, butts on sale...
  7. Inscrutable

    Nothing fancy tonight

    Not a lot of time, and forgot I had a pack of thighs in the fridge and had to cook ... so ... Just some of Jeff’s original rub all around, and a mixture of apple and cherry wood on the Pit Boss. Potato wedges coated with oil and some salt, pepper, garlic, parsley, and Parmesan cheese. Pulled...
  8. Inscrutable

    Using an A-maze-n tube?

    Anyone using a tube or tray rather than or in addition to mixing chunks in with charcoal? Thinking I could get a more consistent and lighter smoke flavoring, but wonder about placement. On top of deflector? Would have to arrange product so it doesn’t drip onto it. On grate adjacent to product...
  9. Inscrutable


    So looks like OnlyFire one is not available (that I’ve seen) ... anyone using the Joetisserie on the BGE? ... theoretically fits the L size that I have.
  10. Inscrutable


  11. Inscrutable


  12. Inscrutable

    Flattop sub-forum?

    I know this is a ‘smoking’ site/forum, but with their surge in popularity around here I wonder if flattops deserve their own sub-forum under the Equipment category?
  13. Inscrutable

    If you had a clean sheet of paper ...

    So if you had it to do over, knowing what you know now, and you get 3 cooking device/appliance wishes rubbing that lamp ... what 3 devices end up in your arsenal and on your patio/deck/garage? Thinking perhaps a bit closer to real world than fantasyland , but dreaming ok if that’s where you...
  14. Inscrutable

    UltraQ is in the house!

    Wasn’t sure whether to post here or in the thermometers section ... mods feel free to move Just received the new UltraQ controller to go on my BGE. Hoping the damn rain stops some day so we can take it on its maiden voyage. Probably will do something forgiving/sacrificial to start ... a butt...
  15. Inscrutable

    Questions for RT700 and RT590 owners

    Well, have almost talked myself into one of these. I probably rarely if ever need the extra real estate of the 700, but wondered about a few things: With a midship rear hopper vs on the end, anyone see a difference in auger performance or problems? With a single vent at one end vs 3 distributed...
  16. Inscrutable

    SV Chucky from frozen time

    I’ve seen some guidance that for shorter cooks to add 50% of the fresh time (or a 1.5 multiplier), but not needing to add any time to the long cooks. Anyone‘s experience with that either way on a chucky?
  17. Inscrutable

    It’s that Corned Beef time of year!

    So corned beef flats are on sale this week. I’m deliberating how I’d want to prepare. Last time I used the Instant Pot, and it came out great. Have seen some threads here about smoking it. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with my sous vide setup, and thinking of giving that a go. The downside is I...
  18. Inscrutable

    SV Pork Loin ... hmmm!

    Have never had a lot of luck with pork loins. The health attraction of being so lean too often offset by tendency toward drier or tougher. Those days are over! Started with a bouncing 3lb baby loin. Seasoned with a blend of black pepper, salt, garlic, onion, rosemary, and thyme. Into the vac...
  19. Inscrutable

    First Smoke on New PIt Boss

    I have a PB 3 electric about to take on maiden voyage. Seasoned it with no problems. Checked the Inkbird IBT-4XS and all 4 probes within 1*C of each in the ice water. We are still rebuilding from Florence so while in the house still have no range, so couldn’t do the boiling water check. Sorry...
  20. Inscrutable

    Capture image from Inkbird 4XS ?

    Have seen others here capture and post images (the temp screens and temp graphs) from the app. Not sure how to do that. Anyone?
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