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  1. osbjdawg

    Butt & Brisket Questions... Q-VIEW Now

    Hi Guys, Got a problem with my smoking today.  Not sure whats going on.  Here's my story: I have an 8# butt that i put on at 7am this morning. @ 11:00 I checked the temp and it was around 170*.  That sound high for only 4 hours.  smoker has been running around 225* to 245* ( having a hard time...
  2. osbjdawg

    Need some help..

    I have 3 racks of ribs, spare ribs.  I normally do a 3-2-1 method......  Well I got out of work late and family is coming by around 6ish. I got them on the smoker about 2:00 & I'm running about 255.  Will a -2-2-1 work go with spare?   Guess I'm just nervous  cuz my sis is home for  a few days. ...
  3. osbjdawg

    Here we go again!!! .... Cheese!

     I put a post up a few weeks ago about doing more Cheddar and here it is. 10 lbs & 4 hours of cherry and hickoy in my AMNS. Now the wait begins.  Enjoy. 10lb block. Ready to go.. Smokin'!!!! Finished If the weather stays cold I'm gonna do some more next week.  C-ya then....
  4. osbjdawg

    Been doing some cheeese.

    Over the last few weeks I've done about 30 lbs. of cheese.  Most of it was sharp Cheddar and I've done some hot pepper also. I used my AMNS with a blend of maple and cherry.  I must apologize for being lazy as I didn't get many pics. I do have a few, and I'm doing 10 more lbs of cheddar this...
  5. osbjdawg

    Ribs & My first Butt

    Doing some ribs and my first pork butt today.  I've done ribs many times so that's no problem, but this butt is something new.  I've read a lot on here so I should be alright.  If not I'll be asking. I'll be posting pics as I go. Rubbed & Ready More to come soon.
  6. osbjdawg

    Fatties for the family

    I made a few fatties for my parents and some other extended family on Sat.  They wanted to try them cuz after I explained what they were they thought i was crazy.... Also put on some ABT's (my first try at them)... All came out Great...Not many Pic's cuz I didn't have time to snap them if I...
  7. osbjdawg

    My first try...

    This is my first try at chicken.. really only my second try smokin' anything, did ribs my first smoke. Think i'm going a little hot tryin to stay around 225 but the internal temp is already at118 and its only been an hour. Oh well we'll see how it goes. Smoker.... The Chicks The whole...
  8. osbjdawg

    New guy from NW PA.

    Hey everyone, Just a little info about me and the family.  Me, my wife and our 3yr old son  live in NW PA. I love to cook and grill almost anything I can get my hands on.  I just got interested in smokin' and found this forum.  We needed a new grill and I wanted to get a smoker so over Memorial...
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