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  1. richard cameron

    Favorite things to do with leftover pulled pork?

    Every time I have left over pulled pork on hand, my wife makes the best enchiladas with it. We use the medium hot green enchilada sauce, not the red sauce. Leftovers do not exist when this happens.
  2. richard cameron

    Follow up to my trip to Germany

    I got back from Germany the first part of June. Unfortunately the day after I returned, my computer crashed. After two weeks of waiting, I got my computer running again. It took me this long to get caught up. I didn’t find much BBQ activity in Germany. The one place that I did find was in...
  3. richard cameron

    Where to buy bulk wood ??

    You can try to contact some tree removal services in your area and ask them what they do with their wood. I happened by one company while they were cutting down an oak tree, and they gave me all the wood that I wanted.
  4. richard cameron

    Hi, thanks for your offer of help. I would like to know where eat and drink in Bavaria. I will...

    Hi, thanks for your offer of help. I would like to know where eat and drink in Bavaria. I will be going to Fussen, Grassau, (a small town 39 miles from Austria) and Rothenburg ob der. If you have any information on these areas, I would be interested. Thanks, Richard
  5. richard cameron

    My trip to Germany

    I am leaving on a 15 day trip to Germany next week. I will be traveling down the west side of Germany from Cologne down to Fussen, traveling east over to Salzburg, north through Munich, up to Leipzig before returning home. I want to find out for myself what German BBQ is like. I will take as...
  6. richard cameron

    My first fishing trip of the year

    Last Saturday my wife and I went trout fishing at Fuller Lake here in northern California. We fished from the shore using power bait. The highlight of the day happened when I caught a 15” German Brown trout. We ended the day with 8 trout between us. When I got home, I froze all but two...
  7. richard cameron

    Pork Shoulder

    Looks nice!
  8. richard cameron

    Cooking on the offset smoker

    I had some friends from out of town show up for lunch. I was told by my wife it’s time to smoke some salmon for them. Since I was already cooking some food on my smoker, I said no problem. The first thing in the morning, I fired up the smoker and started cooking a couple racks of ribs, a pork...
  9. richard cameron

    Something a little different, courtesy of the BBQ pit boys.

    This is awesome. In all the years I’ve been smoking food, I have never heard of beer-can-burgers. Time to buy some beer and bacon.
  10. richard cameron

    Weekend pulled pork

    Wow! Looks Good!!!
  11. richard cameron

    I bought some meat

    The Costco in Citrus Heights has Pork Bellies available for $2.99 lb. The one I bought is going to take a 14 day rest in my refrigerator while allowing some cure #1 to work its magic. When the 14 days are up, I get to make bacon! Pork Loin’s are on sale at Food Maxx for $1.38 lb right now...
  12. richard cameron

    In need of prayer, please...

    You've got my prayers.
  13. richard cameron

    Pulled Pork for 40 people

    I finally found time to post a picture of the pulled pork that I cooked on Saturday. There was plenty of pulled pork to go around with leftovers for me to freeze and reheat at a later day.
  14. richard cameron

    Pulled Pork for 40 people

    I'm sure three is enough. We are serving the pulled pork as sandwiches. There's a lot of older ladies and children who will be at lunch, I'm sure that they will only be eating one sandwich.
  15. richard cameron

    Pulled Pork for 40 people

    My day started off at 4:45 am when I fired up my smoker and started to cook the pork picnic shoulders. They hit an IT of 165 by 10:30. I wrapped them in foil and put them in the oven to finish cooking. I had to finish fast because my Aunt and Uncle from Oregon were in town and my wife and I...
  16. richard cameron

    I took the skin off a pork picnic shoulder, what do I do with it?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I tried looking through some of the links that motocrash gave me. I ended up boiling the skin for an hour, applying some dry rub, and put them on the smoker for a couple of hours. My results to say the least were awful. The skin is hard enough to break a...
  17. richard cameron

    I took the skin off a pork picnic shoulder, what do I do with it?

    I am cooking pulled pork tomorrow and I started by skinning the picnic shoulder and applying some dry rub to it. What do I do with the skin? Is this what you make crackling out of? If so, how do I go about making it? Of all the years that I have made pulled pork, I have never used the skin...
  18. richard cameron

    Pulled Pork for 40 people

    I have been asked to cook enough pulled pork for 40 people this Sunday. My church is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this weekend. I have three picnic shoulders in my refrigerator defrosting as I write this. I start tonight with applying some dry rub to the shoulders and let them soak in the...
  19. richard cameron

    how's your pile looking?

    That's a nice stash!
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