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  1. twanger1994

    Sticky Flanken Pork Ribs

    Love a great rack of ribs, don't always have the time to cook them. Recently found a fix... Came across a discounted package of pork ribs labeled as riblets. Had a simple recipe on the label. Curious, I took a chance!! Recipe was for a quick sweet rub mixed with liquid and smothered on the...
  2. twanger1994

    what a deal!!! NOW WHAT

    Hello smokers,  Been a while since I've been on. We recently moved from NJ to North Carolina. We are going to be opening a brewery in south-eastern NC in the near future. The move went well and now that we are pretty much settled in. I'm ready to smoke something... So last week I was at work...
  3. twanger1994

    foiling ribs

    When foiling Spares do ya'll foil each rack individual or the mess of em???   thnx
  4. twanger1994

    Controlling heat in side firebox

    Hey guys Happy Memorial Day All!!! Quick question:  Seems like every smoke i do i am constantly fighting the temp gauge... "Mav. et 73" I know that all smokers are different and each has its own personality... I'm a little confused on the chimney and air damper, and how opening or closing them...
  5. twanger1994

    Memorial Day

      Have a great Memorial Day Weekend all!!!!!
  6. twanger1994

    Welded Metal Frame

    Hello, Happy Memorial Day!!  "weekend" Got a question about a metal frame I will be building. The frame will hold a Gas BBQ and also burners for my Home-brew kettles... It is portable and needs to be strong due to the weight that will be placed on it.  ie... the grill, 2-15gallon converted...
  7. twanger1994

    looking for a post!!

    Hello everyone happy holiday, As title says im looking for a recipe I came across here. Actually not sure if it was a recipe or just a Qview. Someone had the great idea to wrap a pineapple with bacon and set it to drip on I think a fresh ham. Not sure of all the details, I tried searching for it...
  8. twanger1994

    Looking for A recipe I saw here!!

    Hello everyone happy holiday, As title says im looking for a recipe I came across here. Actually not sure if it was a recipe or just a Qview. Someone had the great idea to wrap a pineapple with bacon and set it to drip on I think a fresh ham. Not sure of all the details, I tried searching for it...
  9. twanger1994

    First for me!!

    I don't eat fish!!! But others around here do!!!  So since Dallas has a bye week and the Yankees are playing Boston, I got two butts and a brisket smoking. Why not throw in a curve-ball and add a little fish. Found a willing driver to head to Sam's club for 2 2lb. fillets. Simple coat of oil a...
  10. twanger1994

    Where are the leftovers????

    Labor day was great had 16 lbs or Pulled Piggy and 18 lbs of brisket... Cooked Saturday served Sunday for the party.... not one hamburger or hot dog was needed. Problem is the left overs never survive. So I decided to smoke up a smaller 6 lbs brisket for dinner tonight: here's the Qview
  11. twanger1994


  12. twanger1994

    Digital Wireless thermo

    Anyone know of a perfect thermometer? Thing I want it to do: 1: Dual probes 2: High and Low Temp Alarms 3: Wireless or has pager or something 4: Timer Thanks for you help.. Got some brisket going right now... ill have qview soon
  13. twanger1994

    Pulled Piggy

    Friday off so why not smoke!!! 1) Had a 10 lb picnic sitting in the freezer that has been begging to be smoked each time I went in that freezer. 2) Earlier this week my home depot had a sale on cowboy hardwood lump charcoal, Also for the first time ever they had hickory and mesquite all...
  14. twanger1994


    <a href="http://s904.photobucket.com/albums/ac241/twanger1994/4-23-10%20smoke%20PP/?action=view&current=SSPX0059-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i904.photobucket.com/albums/ac241/twanger1994/4-23-10%20smoke%20PP/SSPX0059-1.jpg" border="0" alt="11 am start"></a>
  15. twanger1994


    This is probably a dumb question but I know I can get it straight here. Ive been reading a lil bit about foiling. Never dun it. Im confused about the procedure. Do you wrap it in foil when it pp hits 165 and continue in the smoker till it gets to 200, then let it rest in the cooler. Or is it...
  16. twanger1994

    Blue Sky Brewing Company

    Genuine Basement Brewed!!! This Batch of Wendy's Blond Ale was brewed for a party in about a month for the return of an Air Force pilot in Iraq... Coming soon to your local liquor store soon!!!
  17. twanger1994

    2 Questions

    1) Is there a section for general questions/statements/Random B.S.? 2) In central jersey we have been without Food Network/HGTV since Jan. 1. Hard to believe the amount of money spent on cable each month, the stingy CEO's of both the cable company and FOOD/HGTV all want more.. Actually it not...
  18. twanger1994

    Royal Oak SFB modifications

    I need to do a few modifications on my royal oak sfb... The smokestack will definitely be lowered. I also plan on adding a screen and diffuser between the sfb and main chamber. Anyone have any other ideas or good mods to add to this smoker??? I need to add more temp gauges on each side any...
  19. twanger1994

    The Big Easy Qview Posted

    http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...d=1#post429943 The Big Easy Oil-less Fryer Pork Shoulder with Qview
  20. twanger1994

    The Big Easy

    Got my old man a char-broil Big Easy Oil-less fryer for Christmas. Today we shall christen it with a shoulder. Ill be posting Qview soon. Anyone ever use one? Some friends have one that they have done turkeys in. Supposedly very good to eat and no oily mess. This pork will be a new experience...
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