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  1. jjpiv33

    Induction top for poaching sausage

    I do not have a Sous vide machine, but I do have a commercial induction top I use for catering events. I'm thinking it'll be fine for poaching some chicken sausage I plan to make this weekend. Thoughts? Also, please give me some of your favorite recipes for chicken sausage. I have found many on...
  2. jjpiv33

    Natural hog casings vs others

    So i have been experimenting with some recipes for a garlic kielbasa in natural casings. My stuffing process if quite easy. Soak casings 30 mins warm water rinse inside twice, soak in clean warm water 30 more min rinse again stuff Now im getting quite good at stuffing, tie...
  3. jjpiv33

    Skins on snack sticks

    I was cleaning out the freezer and had some beef, pork and venison so i decided to head on over to basspro and pick up a snackstick kit (spicy) I got hi-temp cheddar and dried jalepenos. Watch some vids (bearded butchers) on making snack sticks and read the one paragraph directions. ground the...
  4. jjpiv33

    Advice on what Grinder to purchase

    Morning All! I have not posted in quite a few years, did some competitions, do alot of smoking for large fundraiser events and side jobs here and there catering. Well i have recently gotten into making sausage, snack sticks and processing my deer and hogs i shoot during the season. I've been...
  5. jjpiv33

    Buts for the weekend

    Couple made for the weekend. Was the wife's bday, had less company than I planned on, more for me!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. jjpiv33

    CulDeSac party fattys

    Made these bad boys for the party we threw in my cul de sac. Thick cut bacon, Neese's spicy sausage, and chedder cheese. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. jjpiv33

    oklahoma joe highland cover

    Just so people know, I have the highland model oklahoma joes smoker, and I bought the longhorn cover, fits great. These things are definitely better than cheapo covers I've had in the past. It's no custom $200 cover but I can see this thing lasting quite a while Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. jjpiv33

    First shot at pickels

    Here's my first go round at pickles, all from our first year garden, minus the dill. Gonna be hard not to tear into them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. jjpiv33

    Royal oak SALE

    Tractor supply 18# bag is. 7.99 http://m.tractorsupply.com/en/store/royal-oakreg%3B-charcoal-176-lb-104652499--1 I'm going to go get a couple bags, the RO briquettes are also on sale too, 7.99 for 2 14# bags Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jjpiv33

    Make your own lump charcoal....

    Anyone here do this? Looking into trying this out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. jjpiv33

    Amount of charcoal.

    Posted this in " blowing smoke" think it was the wrong place for it. Smoked a but for the 4th. Best one I've ever done. Went for about 13 hours and I used about 12 charcoal, and 5 lbs of lump, with some 2 inch hickory sticks the first 2 hours. My question is , how much fuel should I have used...
  12. jjpiv33

    Amount of charcoal.

    Smoked a but for the 4th. Best one I've ever done. Went for about 13 hours and I used about 12 charcoal, and 5 lbs of lump, with some 2 inch hickory sticks the first 2 hours. My question is , how much fuel should I have used, does that sound normal? I have a oklahoma joe highland. By the way...
  13. jjpiv33

    Butt #1 on new smoker

    So did the ribs last week, loved the new pit. Held temp very well compared to my last one. Today decided to get up early and do a butt. Got a nice fire going, dropped temp into about 240 (I'm sure factory gauges are a bit low) and hd it for about 20 mins and threw meat on. Got some nice thin...
  14. jjpiv33


    Upgraded my old clamshell leaky smoker for a new oklahoma joe. Heavier steel for sure, and I love the wheels. Seasoned it last night and tossed some ribs on for my first cook. Went well, pit held temp very well, didn't need as much tending as my old one. Kids got hungry so I pulled the ribs...
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