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  1. olddawg


    How many pounds of raw pork butt do I need to smoke for 25 adults.  All of them are pretty "healthy" eaters...  I'll be serving pulled pork sandwiches, Dutch's beans, potato salad, and coleslaw.
  2. olddawg

    Q-View of Saturday Ribs

    Just a short Q-view of a small rib smoke this weekend.  St. Louis style rubbed with an eastern carolina rub wrapped for 6 hours, then sprinkled with dark brown sugar.  Used the 3-2-1 method while spritzing with Caption Morgans and apple juice.  No sauce on the ribs.  As always, Dutch's "wicked"...
  3. olddawg

    Q-View - Sunday Afternoon Legs....

    Decided to do some of my Jamaican Jerk Rub chicken legs.  Also whipped up a batch of Dutch's "Wicked" baked beans.  The wife made her contribution to the meal by fixing some pasta salad. After lightly spraying the legs with olive oil, I put my jerk rub on them and let them marinate for 6 hours...
  4. olddawg


    I have an opportunity to pick one of these for $80.  It's new but has a few dent that won't affect the cooking properties.  Any thoughts or comments on this smoker?
  5. olddawg

    Crock Pot Liner

    I have a 5 qt crock pot liner and I want to use it to cook beans and stew in my smoker.  Any thoughts?
  6. olddawg

    Weber Dome Chipped

    I was pulling my 12 year old Weber kettle out to use a couple of days ago and I noticed that there was a chip in the porcelain dome.  Is there any good way to repair this?  I don't want rust to get a foothold on it.
  7. olddawg

    ECB Water Pan

    Do I need to always use the water pan? I'm going to do the mod to raise the lower cooking grate so the temps between the two grid are closer. I still feel the bottom grid will be lower. Any thoughts on this subject?
  8. olddawg


    Not a total newbie, but have been lurkin' here for a while. Started this 7 lb butt at 6:30 this morning using a modified ECB. Raised the grate, added the temp gauge on top, and can control airflow from the bottom. Cooked a little faster that I figured on by an hour. It's in the cooler now...
  9. olddawg

    Quick Question

    How long can I hold a butt wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler before I have to serve it? Looks like I overestimated my time by about an hour.
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