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  1. Hijack73

    random thought question

    What would an uncured salami or pepperoni be? Just a brat? I don't much care for any salami that I've ever tried, but I can hurt myself when it comes to pepperoni. I'm the guy who won't often buy much of it because I'll sit there and eat it with cheese and green olives like it's a healthy...
  2. Hijack73

    It isn't smoked

    But... It is beef!!! I have figured out how to do pics FINALLY So here's a close up Yes, it is kinda sexy 🥰🥰 and it's all mine!!! It's sooo creammmyyyy (I heard you guys liked gravy around here) So 2 money shots!! There's a can of green beans hiding to the side. They think they...
  3. Hijack73

    Something I made the other day

    I'm a big fan of breakfast burritos. Had a small bit of flat and a little point left over the other morning, and decided I'd do something different with it. Started some finely diced onion with the fatty point also chopped up pretty small. Let it kinda meld and bubble together maybe a minute...
  4. Hijack73

    My rub and a critical error

    I make my own rubs, and I'm totally terrible and notorious for eyeballing measurements. Pork always gets just a wee dash of cumin, and I mean wee. Today, well, last night actually, I decided I'd do up ribs for the kids and I was out of rub. So into the pantry I go. I had a cumin jar that was...
  5. Hijack73

    New to pellet smokers, know what I want, who has it??

    Looking for a PID that will refire on a flameout. I know they all tend to run a decent steqdy temp, and that they all make these less expensive models work properly. I'm an old make some fire, control it by adding fuel and if she fires up a little hot, no worries. Now this new tool fires up...
  6. Hijack73

    Super simple pasta salad

    I am not much for bbq beans (now refried is another story) and I'm the only person in the house who likes tater salad, but my pasta salad runs out every time. I usually double this recipe and 3 people finish it in 2 days. 1lb pasta, cooked to al dente or actually a little less than al dente...
  7. Hijack73

    The Carolina's

    I might live in SC - where hickory smoked pulled pork is king, but I've lived in both KC and Texas so my heart lies with things that go moo :) Salt, pepper, heat, smoke. My beef recipe from ribeye to brisket 😂 Pork gets all that fancy stuff like chili powder, garlic powder, etc :) Hi ya'll.
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