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  1. disco

    Quick Sriracha Chicken

    She Who Must Be Obeyed buys boneless skinless chicken breasts. She likes them because they are low fat. However, I find they are hard to keep moist and they don’t have a good texture when cooked. I have been advised I am wrong. This night, I was tired, I was instructed that I was cooking...
  2. disco

    Spicy Chili Lime Jerky for a friend

    Thanks, Adam! I really like the taste but the heat is on the edge of my Canadian sensibilities! Thanks, Ryan. Thanks! The combination is great!
  3. disco

    Spicy Chili Lime Jerky for a friend

    Thanks so much for the kind words! No, Steve but I think it would work fine. Thank you, Sir!
  4. disco

    Lunch time

  5. disco

    Lazy Chicken Tinga Tostadas

    I could eat that all day! Big like
  6. disco

    Surf and Turf with smoked chuck roast

    Looks great! Big like!
  7. disco

    Featured Brisket sliced and Burnt Ends(Tons of pics)

    Brilliant Brisket! Big like!
  8. disco

    Lunch time

    Almost perfect but it needs more beer!
  9. disco

    Spicy Chili Lime Jerky for a friend

    If you make good jerky, you always have friends. My buddy really liked my Spicy Chili Lime Jerky so he brought me some eye of the round steaks in a not so subtle hint. The full recipe and a tutorial on how to make it is in my prior post...
  10. disco

    More Deerburgers (Multiple Ways)

    Would he like to adopt a fat old Canadian?
  11. disco

    More Deerburgers (Multiple Ways)

    Yes. A place called the Elk Valley is just about an hour away. I used to get some elk and moose from my source but they have stopped hunting. Note the tear in my eye!
  12. disco

    PIA BBQ Chicken on the Bradley P10

    I used to say hard work pays off. Now, I usually just open another beer! Thanks, Adam. Thanks! I do love my groceries! Thanks so much!
  13. disco

    PIA BBQ Chicken on the Bradley P10

    Thanks, Warren! What a great idea! Come on up! Thanks, Robert. I think it makes perfect chicken but She Who Must Be Obeyed whinges about the mess. Thanks, Ray. Sometimes I do the work to spoil myself!
  14. disco

    PIA BBQ Chicken on the Bradley P10

    Done! Come on up, Chris! Thanks for the point. Thanks so much! Thanks, Al. It is a lot of work but it just gives such a good result I have to do it from time to time.
  15. disco

    First brisket

    Try using unwaxed butcher paper instead of foil and you get the best of wrapping and not wrapping. The paper keeps the bark intact.
  16. disco

    "SLT"---Spam, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich (Shrimp on the side)

    Way cool! I haven't had fried Spam since I was a kid! Big like!
  17. disco

    Mesquite Fired EOR On The Weber Rotisserie (Pic Heavy)

    There is only one thing missing from this meal, my invitation. Big like!
  18. disco

    PIA BBQ Chicken on the Bradley P10

    I like my PIA chicken, but it is a lot of work, so I don't do it all the time. However, I wanted to see how my Bradley P10 would handle it. This is just a report on how it turned out from the P10. If you want a full tutorial on how I make it check out my prior post...
  19. disco

    More Deerburgers (Multiple Ways)

    My source of venison is gone. Man, I wish I had some! These look great! Big like!
  20. disco

    Featured Smoked Jerk Wings

    Gorgeous wings and countryside! Big like!
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