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  1. jcoleman66

    First cook on PB Series 4 Vertical

    Thanks!! Yeah so far I am happy with the decision. My MES 30 died and I needed a replacement. Gotta get back to doing my bacon! Since it is a pellet there is a little learning curve. As to the quality of the smoker, I think it could be better. My door was a bit off and I was able to...
  2. jcoleman66

    Wireless with range

    I have a Meater+ wireless. It is blue tooth, however you can link to a tablet or old cell phone as a repeater and it is WIFI/Cloud at that point. https://meater.com/ I am looking to get a Fireboard https://www.fireboard.com/
  3. jcoleman66

    How does my set up look for a newbie?

    Probably already have, but it is nice to have a table nearby to set things on, etc.
  4. jcoleman66

    First cook on PB Series 4 Vertical

    Well I dont think they turned out too bad. My daughter scarfed them up. LOL
  5. jcoleman66

    First cook on PB Series 4 Vertical

    So finally found some time to try out the new smoker going with a single rack of St Louis Ribs. Trimmed them up to get an equal thickness. The ends were a little thin. Using 3-2-1 method using Meat Church All Purpose Rub. Setting on smoker is at 250 but probes are reading lower. Again this...
  6. jcoleman66

    Hey y'all, new to the site and running a hand-made rig

    Welcome! Cool setup!!
  7. jcoleman66

    Pulled pork on the rack!

    Sounds great!!!
  8. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    Thanks so much for your help. I kind of like the wrench look LOL. Hit it with some high temp paint and call it a decoration. Will try and see if I can find a couple of pieces of right thickness and size. There is a dent on the back top at the seam with the hopper on the cook chamber...
  9. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    Ok.... don't laugh... I got it better, thanks chopsaw. The shim seemed to be the fix. The top hing has a washer on each screw, though the bottom didn't. Left that as it was and put a "shim" under the bottom. Issue was finding a shim that works. LOL. But the top is more even. First pic is...
  10. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    Thanks for the ideas! I will try. I noticed the pin looked a bit bent.. not binding up opens smoothly... but I can hear the door hit metal on the bottom, however if I lift up on door handle and close don't.
  11. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    That was in the plan too, LOL but wanted to see if there was a trick I was missing..
  12. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    Thanks guys! Yeah I was thinking along the same lines, would probably have to put a washer under screws to help with spacing.. Just thought there might be something I was missing. First Pit Boss I have owned.
  13. jcoleman66

    Newbie to this forum.

    Welcome from NC!
  14. jcoleman66

    Pit Boss Series 4 Door Adjustment

    Good Day!! Is there a way to adjust the door on the series 4 vertical smoker? Mine seems to be a bit off kilter. Also has anyone replace the gasket? The one installed seems a but small but again it could be the door being off a bit. This is a brand new smoker. I have attached a pic that shows...
  15. jcoleman66

    Drink of choice during the cook

    A nice IPA
  16. jcoleman66

    Make Me A Dang Quesadilla

    I like to make tortilla pizzas out of left over pulled pork.. Use BBQ sauce as the "pizza" sauce and shredded cheddar under a broiler til bubbly..
  17. jcoleman66

    Pork Butt Heading To The Kettle (tomorrow)

    Is the Kraken for you or the butt? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. jcoleman66

    Brisky and Pork Belly Burnt Ends project

    I have seen with and without a binder. Some say to bring meat to room temp before cooking, on that I am on the fence. Either you wait for temp outside the smoker or inside. I have always used mustard, never gotten a taste from it. If you are happy with your method go with it. Just...
  19. jcoleman66

    Brisky and Pork Belly Burnt Ends project

    Before the rub.... Looks like you used mustard as a binder, which is what I do. If you do that not sure you need to develop a pellicle first. I do it for bacon since I am not adding any rub past what was done during curing. It is one big ol' experiment :emoji_wink:
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