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  1. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    So I ordered a "replacement" temperature probe as mentioned on another thread in the forum. I got everything put back together, and it fired right up and has been burning off for a couple hours now. So, there you go. The original probe didn't look obviously bad, but it did have a couple of...
  2. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    What sensor did they have you replace along with the control board? I'm thinking they have a problem with the controller where the cool down cycle is not automated enough. They recommend you turn the temperature down a couple of times over 5 minutes or something. To me, the board should just...
  3. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    Hmmm. That is good info to know. Except there is no catching up to really do. The new controller just erred out right away. I couldn’t even prime the auger or get close to having it even light. I think if I have to deal with it being that sensitive, I’ll probably just replace with a Rectec...
  4. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    So, I received the new controller in just 2 days, just like they promised. I then went on vacation and came back today and was able to install the new controller. It came on for a short 1-2 seconds, but then went back to the erL code. I ordered the 10 dollar temperature probe from Amazon as...
  5. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    Okay, I got through to customer support. She asked me a few questions and said the error code is for low air flow. So she had me make sure the chimney was open sufficiently. But because I get the error code immediately after powering up, that my control board needed replaced. So she ordered...
  6. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    Yep, indeed the phone is working now. I sent them an email, but haven't heard back...it's been a couple of days now. I thought the email would be a faster way. Anyways, I changed the tread title the will post back on how things go. Hopefully this will be useful to others down the road. Jeff
  7. frijole smoke

    Louisiana 7 erL - Error Code

    Good Morning: I was hoping I hit a gold mine when I got my Louisiana 7 vertical pellet smoker at Costco for 449 this week. I did the initial burn in, and then when I came back to do a cook, it does nothing but display erL. The auger does not appear clogged and I took it apart to check the...
  8. frijole smoke

    Hickory for pork?

    For pork loin roasts, we've found Hickory a little stronger smoke than my wife prefers.  So we usually use pecan for them. But for butts, Hickory is fine for us.  We use Hickory for most everything.  Sometimes blend in some apple wood. Mesquite is so "earthy" no other way to explain it...I...
  9. frijole smoke

    Kobe rib-eye, reverse seared.

    Those look so good right out of the package.  Definitely have to try those some day.
  10. frijole smoke

    First down flow build Has been started

    Nice!!  On both the build and the cook.
  11. frijole smoke

    Butt vs. Picnic...with Q-View

    I've had to be bailed out by the oven before.  How'd it turn out?
  12. frijole smoke

    Butt vs. Picnic...with Q-View

    Good luck with it!
  13. frijole smoke

    Butt vs. Picnic...with Q-View

    They take a while for sure.  I'm still getting comfortable enough to get good sleep.  I feel like I have to have one eye open.
  14. frijole smoke

    Butt vs. Picnic...with Q-View

    Got it pulled.  The bark was a little tough...but tasted good.  It just didn't pull with the pork, so I didn't really get many pieces of meat with bark.  Regardless, I can't wait to eat it.
  15. 15 - 1.jpg

    15 - 1.jpg

  16. frijole smoke

    Butt vs. Picnic...with Q-View

    Well, I pulled them at 193.  17 hours in the smoker at an average temp of 220 or so.  They were both 11 lbs. They're under towels for a 90 minute rest, then I'll pull it and pack it up for Easter dinner tomorrow.  Can wait to pull and sneak some pieces!
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  19. Done in pan.jpg

    Done in pan.jpg

  20. Done in smoker.jpg

    Done in smoker.jpg

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