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  1. johnyd

    Pre cubed

    Ok folks, its been awhile since I visited here and this may have come up before. I am looking to do some smoked cheese and salami platters for gifts. I was wondering about cubeing the cheese into 1/2 to 3/4 inch squares before I smoke it..... that way I reckon there will be a lot more color /...
  2. johnyd

    I'm gutted!!

    Just started to really get into this sausage craze, have enjoyed it for the last year and learned a lot from here. Everyone raves about my fermented salami's and I get a real kick out of sharing it all with folks, and eating it myself. All that has come to a screaming halt as I have been...
  3. johnyd

    Crumbly salami

    Hi everyone, looking for some answers here Sorry I cant add pics just yet but wifey has the camera. OK so i did some fermented salami, some in the regular fibrous casings that start out about 2 inch diameter and some bung casings ( natural) These ended up about 4 inches across and held a...
  4. johnyd

    Bier sticks

    Ok I decided to make some Beir sticks and to flavour them with ....... well........ beer!  I chose a real dark beer and thought this might reflect in the colour of the end product, Hey I know it aint Shiner Bock, but its all we got!!   Up side is you dont get a free jacket with Shiner Bock...
  5. johnyd

    how to make pizza sticks?

    Just saw Nepas Qview on these and did a bit of a search, are these at all like beer sticks? I see Nepas that you have used various blends form different companies, who do you rate the nicest tatse? Do you use collagen casings?  Does any body have a recipe for the Pizza mix? or for that matter...
  6. johnyd

    Putting more smoke in ya sausage

    I had a thought about this in regard to cold smoking. Traditionally we extrude into a case and then hang and apply smoke. What would happen if we lay out the "forcemeat" onto a cheese cloth or similar and placed it in the smoker, then afterwards extruded into cases, wouldnt we end up with a...
  7. johnyd

    slightly technical question

    OK today i weighed my salami's ( see my other post "fermented  sausage " ) My question is after only 14 days they have nearly lost their 30% weight for example my 975 grm salami now weighs 720 grms ( read 2.lb 3 oz down to 1lb 10 oz ) Mathematically 975 divided  by 3 multiplied by 2 should...
  8. johnyd

    fermented sausage

    Well 12 days ago I made my first true blue fermented sausage. I made 3, foot long salami case sized sausages and enough left over to squeeze about a foot into some hogs casing I had, doing nothing. I opted to do the hog case for another reason as well. I figured it would mature sooner, being of...
  9. johnyd

    Pre tubed casings

    I just bought some hog casings from a butcher ( while I was out of town), the ones he sold me where pre tubed and they were left over from their production that day. So they came in a bag, already washed and ready to just slide on the stuffer......... trouble is i have some out of town stuff to...
  10. johnyd

    Mods for Brinkman Vertical charcoal smoker

    OK so I got to wondering about putting a heat unit in my brinkman for those times when you just want some more heat! but to pump up the hot coal supply just seems a hassle, While I was on the job I got inventive about improving its capacity without going to the next step of gutting an old dryer...
  11. johnyd

    Wet wood

    OK, my local council employees have a marvelous tradition of cutting down local street trees when needed. In my 'hood a cherry tree was felled, they ring it up in to wood burner sized bits ...... mulch the leaves etc and leave the big wood bits for anyone that wants it! So on a first in best...
  12. johnyd

    Mid loin bacon

    After seeing everyones Q views and threads on Canadian bacon I decided to do a feature on mid loin bacon.  This is a very popular bacon cut here in NZ, Similar to Canadian as it uses the sirloin.  I started by buying a 2 Kg cut of loin ( it was on special for $ 9.99 a Kg ) I had to remove the...
  13. johnyd

    Tri Tip for Bresaola

    So what do people think, would tri tip make a suitable Bresaola? I've never made it before but keen to give it a shot?
  14. johnyd

    I have just got a bunch of pheasants

    Just got a number of birds (10) and thought mmmmm! maybe pheasant salami? or at least pheasant sausage anyone got any ideas / done this before?
  15. johnyd

    cured pheasant

    Hi my names John and I'm a smokaholic, Its been 3 hrs since my last smoke and heres the results..... sorry the photos are shaky Im gettin withdrawal already. After 3 hrs on the cold smoke i removed the cheese and added coals for a 4 hr hot smoke running at about 130 and topping out at 180 for...
  16. johnyd

    cold smoke trout

    Well i got brave and did a full cold smoke on some trout, theywere 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 lb fish and in really great condition. Only did 6 hrs in the brine and then sat in the smoker for 13 hrs before being taste tested After the 13 hrs it was still a little "raw" right down by the skin so I...
  17. johnyd

    Salmon frames

    I picked up some salmon frames from the super market yesterday ( I always look for them on the weekend as I figure the head filleter is away and the apprentices do the work on the weekends so the frames have more meat on them) They were selling for $ 1:99 a Kilo so I grabbed a few for my...
  18. johnyd

    Mini salami

    I want to do some salami style sausage but have in mind to just use 28 - 30 mm casings and only have a fridge (beer fridge) for the drying part. My theory is by using sausage casings the dry time will only be 1 -2 weeks. i will dip the mini salamis into water every other day to rehydrate the...
  19. johnyd

    Wild pork & Venison Backstraps

    OK gents i have some wild pork and venison I would like to do real nice. I intend to give it to my dear old dad who is 86, i will be going to visit with him real soon, and he will get such a thrill to have some wild food........like what he used to bring home when we were young. i want to do...
  20. johnyd

    Kiwi bacon

    Ok guys and gals, here is my latest attempt, you guys call this buck board, we just call it shoulder bacon, I dont know if you roll yours like this but it gives it shape for when you slice. I left the rind on this one....... something I dont normally do but thought I'd go with that just for a...
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