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  1. camping hoosiers

    Smokenator for Weber Kettle Grill

    It's a great tool... I like mine a lot. 


  3. camping hoosiers


    I'm very impressed with the PBC... it's everything that I hoped it would be... 
  4. 20150308_182923.jpg


  5. 20150308_164042.jpg


  6. camping hoosiers


    I've been keeping an eye on the PBC for about a year now and following the reviews of folks like you actually using the PBC. I finally tired of watching everyone else having all of the fun so I've ordered mine and am just waiting for it to arrive. I noticed that for 2015 that they are making...
  7. camping hoosiers

    getting higher temps on an OTG

    More fuel works.  Also... might try moving the coals closer to the cooking grate. Put some bricks under the coal grate to move it higher... OR maybe invert a pan or something to get the coals closer to the steak. I can get mine way over 450... probably closer to 700 using these methods... 
  8. Smoking on a Ketlle BBQ

    Smoking on a Ketlle BBQ

  9. camping hoosiers

    Smoking on a Ketlle BBQ

    I found myself in an unusual situation this year. We purchased a 5th wheel camper this year and now when we travel I just don't have much room in the bed of the truck. So I've started taking my Weber Kettle Grill with me instead of my larger smokers. I really don't miss the smokers too much...
  10. ring of fire.jpg

    ring of fire.jpg

  11. camping hoosiers

    Pork Shoulder Country Ribs - questions

    They're not really ribs... it's a top of the shoulder cut. Since they are bigger chunks of meat than spare ribs, I cook them to an internal temp of 140 degrees... I rub them then smoke them at 225 and spritz them once in a while, then sauce them at the end of the cook...
  12. camping hoosiers

    Grilled Buffalo Style Wings

    I've been wanting to grill some hot wings for a while now but the price of wings around here has been crazy high. I finally bit the bullet and paid about two fifty a pound for some whole wings. I cut them up and grilled only the pegs and wingettes. The tips will be used for making some chicken...
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  15. Hot wings

    Hot wings

  16. camping hoosiers


    I think I'm going to get one of these... I like the ease of use and the higher cooking temps. The compact size will fit well in the bed of my truck without interfering with my fifth wheel camper. 
  17. camping hoosiers

    Pit Barrel Brisket

    Nice job! Congrats!  I have been reading about the Pit Barrel Cooker and really like what I see so far... I think I'll be ordering one of these pretty soon... 
  18. camping hoosiers

    Spares n Loin on the Weber / Smokenator

    The more I use the Smokenator with the Weber the more I like it... I did these ribs and the loin on Mothers Day weekend and they turned out great... The Smokenator is just very easy to use and this smoke ran about six hours... everyone seemed to enjoy them... 
  19. camping hoosiers

    Chicken Halves on the Weber...

    Did I ever tell you folks how much I love my Weber Kettle? I do... I really do... lol. Thought that I would do some chicken halves while we were camping this past weekend... Started them out with the Smokenator installed... about half way though I pulled it out and went indirect to increase the...
  20. Ribs n Loin.jpg

    Ribs n Loin.jpg

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