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  1. teddymadison

    Spare Rib ?

    Yep, that's what I would do. If one finishes first just pull it off and foil it up to keep it warm. I doubt you would be looking at more than an hour difference.
  2. teddymadison

    Spare Rib ?

    You could do that. I find my pork ribs finishing in 5hrs rather than 6. that may be because I tend to let the smoke wander to 250 more than I should.
  3. teddymadison

    Spare Rib ?

    The time difference is either because it takes longer for pork to cook or it takes longer to get tender. Wish I could remember which but I'm a noob lol. You can use mustard and some also use olive oil. I use mustard just because I can see where I applied it. there is no flavor difference. If...
  4. teddymadison

    first smoked ribs with Q-view

    Bah, they didn't believe it was my first time either. See, the guys don't seem to realize that they give such good advice that us noobs end up turning out near perfection the first go around. Your ribs look amazing! I think this weekend I need to fire another rack and make up some KFC style...
  5. teddymadison

    Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

    Yeah, waited too long so I didn't have the option to shop around. We have a super walmart nearby that I probably can get them cheaper.
  6. teddymadison

    Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

    Here are the stars of the show. These were about 20 bucks each. All dressed up and nowhere to go? Not hardly, you have VIP invites to the Weber roadhouse This is the first batch all ready for cuttin' And the money shot:
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  11. teddymadison

    Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

    Forgot to add that I used a rib rack for the first batch as there were 4 slabs. Jury is still out on it though, One thing I noticed is that you have rotate the meat as there were sections that did not darken and I think it's because those areas were shielded from the smoke. I'll pic the rack...
  12. teddymadison

    Double Header Ribs - Now with Qview

    I'm at work so pics will have to come later when I get home. Ok, so I posted last Friday about my dilema of two groups coming the same day and got some good advice. In my classic fashion, I went my own way lol. I decided to go ahead and cook the second batch as the first party was going, the...
  13. teddymadison

    Timing Dilemma

    Ok, thanks for the input guys, I will Q-vue when all is said and done. :)
  14. teddymadison

    Timing Dilemma

    Ok, so I was just informed that I am cooking for two parties Saturday, not one. One group will be here at 1:00 and the other at 6:00 and both want ribs. (That's what I get for facebooking my past endeavors) So here's the question, is there a way I can do a partial smoke for the second group so...
  15. teddymadison

    Favorite Beer

    Well, anything I brew is my favorite but right now Sam Adams latitude 48 is my favorite to purchase.
  16. teddymadison

    Man, I love brewing beer

    Now how did I know that the smokers would have a healthy sprinkling of brewers mixed in? I just got back into brewing after a 10yr hiatus and I have a cream ale I just put to primary last night (getting ready for the fourth of July). The batch before this one was a chocolate stout, very strong...
  17. teddymadison

    Smoked Wings--Tough Skin

    When I did my chicken legs I moved them over the coals when they were close to done and opened the vents. that got the skin crispy and only took 10 minutes or so.   So, seeing you were on an electric, I would say get some coals going or fire up a gasser and crisp them up.
  18. teddymadison

    2nd Smoke, First Time Ribs Q-view

    Thanks all and yes it was my first time. :) The fact that they came out so good is testament to the quality of advice on these forums. I think next time I will get more aggressive with the rub. The dry were very good and smoky but the rub didn't really come through. I'm always gun shy with...
  19. teddymadison

    2nd Smoke, First Time Ribs Q-view

    Ok, here we go again. :) I got a bit lazy with the pics this time but the basic setup is the Weber Performer 22.5" kettle, Stubbs charcoal using the minion method. Used 3-2-1 (actually 3-2-.5, they finished early) This time I did three rows of coals in a semi circle goung around half of the...
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