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  1. silentbob

    Thinking about building a new smoker, but ????

    Inquiring minds would like to know!!
  2. silentbob

    Not happy with A-MAZ-N smoker

    smker, The cheese I smoked on Friday was for the people I camp with and was going to be Christmas gifts. I had brought some cheese I smoked 3 weeks ago and some I smoked 2 weeks ago from the same block, and could notice a difference in just 1 week difference. The 3yr cheddar was better than the...
  3. silentbob

    Not happy with A-MAZ-N smoker

    OK I waited til 11am to leave(UPS is usually here by then) with my new toy. BTW I hate setting up in the dark. So thursday rolls around and what do I wake up to? RAIN and not just drizzle I mean RAIN, so no smoking in the a.m. about 2pm it cleared enough for a fire so I could cook my new toy and...
  4. silentbob

    Thinking about building a new smoker, but ????

    If you dont need the money , HELL YES!!!!! Make a SWEET Smoker out of it guaranteed to be the only one on the block with that one! If not I will trade you mine for yours and I built mine http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/149965/cheese-the-n00b-way-only-starter-pix-no-final#post_1070534 jk
  5. silentbob

    Not happy with A-MAZ-N smoker

    Well I ordered the amazn smoker Tuesday nite, with 12lbs of dust and paid for the 2 day shipping. I finally get an email today that it shipped. Yes I said today I get an email that it shipped. Replied as a Not happy customer. No swearing or belittling , just disappointed as I was going to be...
  6. silentbob

    Making a Run for the Boarder!!!!!...

    OK just got back with the goodness, was told that pack o cheese is only for holidays so I couldnt get it .So I did the next best thing I think from now on I am just going to order from the comfort of my own home. 7hrs of the most grueling 400 mile journey through a state where everyone does...
  7. Making a Run for the Boarder!!!!!...

    Making a Run for the Boarder!!!!!...

  8. 20131011_190926.jpg


  9. silentbob

    Making a Run for the Boarder!!!!!...

    ...of Wisconsin, something with a mouse in the name. Got a few orders from friends and family. Looking to get some 2yr+ stuff. Do you (wo)men think they will talk aging since I am kinda steppin on toes there?  Found a nice starter pack 1/2 pound each of Medium Cheddar (Aged 6 months) Sharp...
  10. silentbob

    Another PetSmart Cold Smoker Build -- Plus, First Cheese Smoke w/ Q-View

    nice looking stuff there mike love the color!
  11. silentbob

    cheese the n00b way (only starter pix no final)

    AMNS6X6 A-MAZE-N-SMOKER 6X6      AMND5 STD-0003A-MAZE-N-DUST STANDARD - 4LB - Maple      AMND5-SPL-0003A-MAZE-N-DUST SPECIALTY - 4LB - Bourbon Barrel      AMND5-SPL-0002A-MAZE-N-DUST SPECIALTY - 4LB - Apple       just ordered and should be here by the weekend hopefully USPS Priority 2 day.
  12. silentbob

    cheese the n00b way (only starter pix no final)

    Grabbed the pics off my phone finally utube variety car siding Still has that crappy base, still a work in progress Speaking of crap , people keep saying it looks like an outhouse There close "Butts go Here" will be on that smoker some how some way Yes I stained it after saying...
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  15. 20131006_163722.jpg


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